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  1. I run The Wastelands, 10 regions big, a mix of Full Regions and Homesteads. I like to keep my estate running nice, so I am a bit of a stats hawk. Sometime last year things started to sometimes get bad enough to notice, and since then I have been doing casual research. Here's what I know so far: @Oz Linden, @Whirly Fizzle "Top Scripts" in the region debug menu always reports HALF or less of what the Statistics menu says. Even with "Spare Time" available, "Scripts Run" doesn't seem to use it. "Scripts Run" seems to be affected by a regions networking burden in addition to the obvio
  2. Just for the record, I've noticed the same thing over the past two years... maybe? I think it has to do with all the logging of region "things" that LL has been adding over the years. If you look at region release notes for the past two years, it's pretty much all "more internal logging". Scripts Executed is my go to stat now in determining region health. Time Dilation and Physics usually say everything is just fine. But when Scripts Executed gets below a certain threshold (65%), things that rely on scripts (pretty much everything), start to break down.
  3. For the future, I guess maybe you should clarify then. The subject of the sentence I quoted was the performance of servers and regions. In that same sentence you said "resources to Sansar". Any competent person would follow that sentence and come to the conclusion the resources you speak of are servers or regions. There is not one single mention of money. You should have said just said money instead of resources. In an online forum where the written word is everything to convey your argument, it's very important you convey your message correctly.
  4. This is the dumbest thing I've read this month.
  5. We're a pretty big estate with 10 actual regions, but 20+ regions worth of area to explore -- so the online population sometimes gets very spread out. You should definitely come around again. If you have questions or need help, feel free to pester me inworld if I am online.
  6. Even a little bit of warning about the headers change would have gone a long way to ease a ton of frustration for everyone involved. I normally adapt rather well to LLs sudden LSL changes that break things simply because I am usually available for it. And while it's not LLs problem personally, I actually had surgery a three days before this recent change. Which means I had to find out about the change after the fact, drag myself to the computer when I should have been resting (because everything is broken), and make some quick fixes. Warnings about intentional and significant LSL c
  7. I think that it's only limited to the region pages. If you do the same thing for a parcel page it works. Additionally it's only they x and y portions of the vector that the client doesn't like being over 256. I am pretty sure the z can go up to 4096 easily.
  8. Wow. The JIRA was already closed with the reasoning: "Visit This Location is by design." So by design, the link is not supposed to work at all for region pages? This is why I hate filing JIRAs, because I spend my time writing them up with what I know, and someone who doesn't read, or try to understand the issue, closes it down. Then I can't even comment on it to correct their misunderstanding because it's closed. [Edit to add...] --- Since the JIRA issue is closed, I am explaining further and posting my fix here --- The SL viewer does not like URI location x, y, z,
  9. Found a bug for you. Bring me to the betas next time.
  10. Why doesn't Second Life have gift cards? I go to the stores and I see gift cards for just about every game or service imaginable. These gift cards could simply be for premium membership time, or better; un-cash-out-able account credit. The gift cards are more than just an alternate way to bring money into SL, but also a way to advertise the platform.
  11. Just for clarifications sake: A regular Experience Key requires a region to have the ExpKey as a Trusted Experience? And a Grid Scope Key does not? It can work on Mainland?
  12. Title sort of sums it all up -- but the grid was havin' some weekend issues, and my experience had a lot of XP_ERROR_STORAGE_EXCEPTION issues as well. Just loggin' it here to get some eyeballs on it.
  13. Has there been any pricing point discussions? Will there be account requirements, for say accountability? Am I correct to assume Concierge level at least? If your experience gets shut down by TriggerFinger Linden, how does one go about getting it reinstated, speedy like? Hopefully things are going super smooth, and there's no discussion of limiting the LSL calls? I haven't had a single problem that I am aware of since my initial reports. Other grid issues (rezzing / inventory) typically pop up before Experience Tools has issues. THIS CONFUSES ME AND FILLS ME WITH FEAR OF THINGS JUST WORKIN
  14. I just assume that it goes to the black hole known as "WorkingOnIt Linden"
  15. This is a bit tangental... As Frans Charming said, the KVP is what experience scripters REALLY want. Glorified permissions are nice and all for an users end in the experience, but the utility of them is dwarfed by the KVP. I've been migrating my http stuff to KVP, and it's everything I really needed 7 years ago. Coding in pure LSL is far better than LSL->PHP->MySQL and back again; and so far much more reliable. One thing you may want to consider is not just Experience Keys, but perhaps an opt-in avatar based KVP system. I know a lot of scripters that would pay to have their own per
  16. Just a bit of an update: We've created a tutorial area, not because our game is difficult, but because it has 7+ years of content and learning the basics on your own without reading the wiki is hard. Adding even more ExpTools related content really warrants this. I've already had a few compliments about it from people who have never been to the estate. Speaking of content we've also added a few daily quests that leverage ExpTools (find-specific-item, temp-attach item, carry-to-destination). We've added a few "underground" areas that are enclosed instances -- which are really just cave ent
  17. Just walk away. Give me the scripts, the experience keys, the parcels, and the whole region, and I'll spare your lives. Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in The Wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror. I await your answer. You have one full day to decide. p.s. More keys pls.
  18. This is an idea from my old wishlist of things I'd like to see in SL that would greatly enhance the immersion of a place. I know this is a bit of a stretch, and probably out of the current scope of the project but... Windlight is a seldom used, but powerful feature of Second Life. Combined with experience keys it could have amazing potential to add a whole new level of immersion in Second Life. I imagine controlling weather with fine-grain detail, vision impairments and enhancements, and gnarley and fast changing status effects. The sky is (literally) the limit. So I propose the following
  19. Are there any plans to take them out of chiclets if they're part of an experience?
  20. For the most part, I have converted my Wastelands game into a BETA version (until EXP tools are finalized) that runs parallel to the legacy version. I am still working on making new stuff specific to the experience tools, and minor updates as I find porting issues. A summary of the game is as follows: Run around the 10 regions of my estate looking for crates. Loot the crates to get items, parts of things, trinkets, and food. Each piece of loot is tradeable to other avatars, or you can sell them for L$ -- or you know... eat the food to help stay alive. The items, trinkets and parts ca
  21. Good. Thanks for testing! It must have been a viewer setting in FS or something then.
  22. Now I don't use firestorm myself, and I know LL isn't responsible for Firestorm, but I had one friend come to test something... On the newest version of Firestorm, I had them come click to be prompted for the Experience, so I could see what the permissions dialog looked like. To my surprize they weren't even presented with a pop-up, and were auto-opted in. This could easily be a problem, if this isn't just a one-off case. I have yet to test with other Firestorm users, which is why I am asking if other people could test for me/us. If it is still a problem, maybe someone with the proper conta
  23. Come to The Wastelands. We're almost 7 years old, got 10 regions, and a lot of backstory and information we've built up over the years. As well as our own in-house free game system to augment RP. RP here is casual and opt-in though, but we have a simple group tag system to designate the RPers from those not RPing
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