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  1. I'm glad it's been confirmed and is being looked at. on_rez and object_rez are super vital functions in SL. I hope you can find a solution soon. It would be nice to have RC names on server versions again. Case in point that 1/3rd to 1/2 of this thread is trying to figure out what type of region it's happening on.
  2. Here's a few reasons that I think we'll never be able to achieve AAA game status in SL starting with LSL: SL allows too much "freedom". Players can and do wear anything they want, including other scripted content. As long as a player wears whatever they want to a destination -- whether or not there's any competition in your games -- there will be people who "cheat" just because they can. I would say about 15-25% of the code I write for my game HUD is to detect when things aren't "normal", and turn the HUD off or suspend the player for a short time. Initially the first thing I coded fo
  3. SL can do all that. For some things it's hard and requires hyper efficient LSL code with an occasional dash of external server (for npc bartering calculation), but it can be done. Come play the games in The Wastelands. I've got your quests/npcs/combat/scavenging/environmental-hazards/"seamless"-teleports. Some of our game items may be a bit dated in terms of appearance since the game is 14 years old now, but we're working on updating them. I am eager for EEP to replace my HUD overlays for various "effects" players endure. -- (Edit to add) -- Right now I have "daily" quests,
  4. I also use experiences for contract work I do, typically involving tutorials for real world professionals.
  5. I've been operating a game in The Wastelands for about 13 years now. In summary you run around our estate looting crates for salvage, and you can fight other people and creatures. You can use whatever you loot for other parts of the game, or to trade with other players. But it's mostly for crafting stuff. When Experiences came along I took full advantage of it. I use Temporary Experience Attachments for: Game HUDs so that I can push out updated game code without everyone having to update their inventory. HUD overlays for several special effects, for example: trippi
  6. That's a bit overkill. Just remember which scripts are in which links, and you're good.
  7. That's where I use a transparent 1 triangle mesh shape, if I need a large system with a lot of scripts. But I strive to smash everything into one or two scripts where I can. We met in passing once @animats at a Linden Office hour. You had mentioned that you too were also working on a Keyframe Pathfinding solution, so you piqued my interest. I'm glad I'm not the only person that found LLs Pathfinding system lacking. As others have noted, it would be more beneficial to try to cram as much as you can into one script. Obviously things like a maze solver would probably still need thei
  8. I specifically said llGetUsedMemory(), which is different and more accurate than llGetFreeMemory(). Also I don't think having a new llMessageLinkedFilter is a good thing. Instead why not just limit what you send with the sending script using llGetSubString(message, 0, 100)? You can also avoid getting all 10 scripts triggered with llMessageLinked by using other prims and directing messages to specific prims, instead of LINK_SET or having all scripts in LINK_ROOT. If you're sending llGetStaticPath over a llMesageLinked, you can use llList2List() to reduce what is returned before
  9. Full disclosure: I own and operate The Wastelands. We're a post apocalyptic themed community and residential estate. Because some of you are looking, The Wastelands has the short form call and call-back style RP you're looking for. I think that's the best description I can give it (an old example here). Some other things to note about how we do things that some people don't like, but may be your cup of tea: Role play is not mandatory, but opt-in. As such, we allow visitors to come dressed as they are; so instead it's up to the role players to signify that they're in-character
  10. What about llGetUsedMemory() or llScriptProfiler() ?
  11. I think it would be a fun gimmick if parts of it were free or super cheap. But I also think that cross-promotion and exploring in SL is important; so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Especially since big events have a lot of avatars and regions become laggy. 😕 If designers really wanted to break up an outfit into "parts" for customers to combine into a final product, I've got them covered. I made a system for creators called "[DS] Item Combiner", it's on the marketplace. It was originally geared more towards crafting games development in SL, but a couple prominent creators ar
  12. I think if you opted-in your regions and did a lot of beta testing and bug reporting for Experiences and only after everything was over, you were offered one. For me at the time, Experiences was everything I wanted. I am still a very heavy user of them to this day. Ironically I just use my Experience on just my estate. I think I heard within the last year, that LL was considering doling out more grid-scope keys, but for the life of me I can't remember who or where I heard that. I think you may be right, I know of one other grid-scope thing that was affected.
  13. There's a new problem with communication with the experience KVP is accepting changes to data, but the changes do not persist. I have a grid scope key.
  14. I have made several comments on one of the 4+ JIRA issues relating to this. I also spent the majority of the day yesterday whittling down which functions and events aren't working. The issue is intermittent and hard to nail down as to what the primary cause is. I did notice that the "Scripts Run" stat was much better before the roll, when it had initially became a problem months ago. After the roll it's doing bad again. I believe the core of the issue has to do with object to object communications. Possibly the listen event is broken. Before I continue Oz: I am not attacking you
  15. It hasn't been brought up here, but there are a lot of problems with the latest roll concerning objects being rezzed, http services, and I believe llRegionSayTo(). The most recent bugs on the JIRA highlight a lot of the issues -- but because they're intermittent it's hard to test and nail down exactly what is going on. A lot of SL content is affected by this, and I think you should consider rolling server versions back.
  16. Just like the removal in inworld casinos and banks. Or like when LL changed region fees, once, twice, three, four times. And like the introduction of sculpts, mesh, fitmesh, bento, and animesh.
  17. LL owns Tillia and Second Life. There are many ways to share the data between the two, as a registered money services business they have to follow PCI compliance, which means they DO NOT HAVE your login info in plain-text.
  18. As I understand, you have to provide your ID info only if you cash out from SL (Turning your L$ into your local currency). Everyone seems to be missing this point, and freaking out. Additionally, that fee seems to only apply if your account is INACTIVE, and I assume that it only applies to fiat currencies and not L$. Honestly this opens up a lot of doors for LL as a registered Money Services Business. They can skip paypal all together, act as a bank, and convert their own payments from any currency including crypto. LL was already pretty much fronting all the liabilities without a
  19. As I had mentioned in my previous posts in this thread, I am fairly certain the script execution time issue is related to a networking issue on LLs end. I too saw the same exact things on regions I've been able to test on. Basically the more packets per second the region is sending out, the lower the script execution is.
  20. School's Out, Memorial Day, whatever the reason, The Wastelands is having it's sometimes maybe annual-ish land sale! If you ever wanted to find a home for yourself in The Wastelands, or just expand your ever growing empire here, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. ONLY Monday May 27th: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *8* weeks of tier included. Don't miss out! May 28th to June 3rd: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *6* weeks of tier included. Our land normally comes with just 4 weeks of tier, but this special sale gives you way more time to enjoy your stay
  21. Additionally, I forgot to mention that regions sometimes degrade in performance for no describable reason. The region had only been online a few days (Tuesday to Saturday), but by that time it got bad Case in point: My main region "The Wastelands" had only 33% scripts executed one day. It took TWO restarts to clear it back up to 100% -- but the restarts fixed it nonetheless. This happens more often than I'd like to admit on all of my regions. Just last week I had one region drop down to 50%, and it was because someone had rezzed a collection of objects that were pounding the viewer w
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