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  1. I completely get what you're saying. There is a level of detail you can get with mesh in some instances that you just can't get with sculpting. BUT...LL has gotten so greedy with their prim equiv's with the meshing. Also, I uploaded something that was 5 prims put together and it costed 167 Lindens. LOL I couldn't believe how much it was to upload a simple prim that had no texturing or anything extra. Just a small collar basically. I think they should tone down their asking prices and equivs just a bit. It seems that I would prefer sculpting to meshing simply becausse of the cost of L and pri
  2. Hi how do you export from mudbox? I didn't think it had the support.
  3. Sounnds like we are in for an exciting ride! I can;t wait for the future! And maybe some xbox affiliation!! *grins*
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