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  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a static 3d model of my avatar WITHOUT any illegal softwares or viewers (please don't post these, won't use that). I heard there is a freeware program that creates a model by screenshots only. Anyone know? TY!
  2. There can only be one solution ... Make it completely free and ad-based. Free land for everyone, free creation of objects for everyone. Once you sell, you pay. Let's face it: It's a competition for users' time. If I can spend my free time with my tablet in bed, playing a free game, I will not pay 50 bucks to sit at my PC with a diving mask in my face. Unless I am a PC gamer tech freak, which most people are not. I hope this won't fail big time again ...
  3. Sighs. I get a little annoyed by your personal crusade against porn and "kinks" you personally don't like and/or refuse to understand. A few decades ago, people said the same things about gays ... I don't think that this forum is the right place to discuss your personal issues about OTHERS' private lives. If porn is bad or not is totally irrevelant for the question about how a future virtual world should handle the issue. It's a simple marketing decision and nothing else. BTW, i consider myself a feminist and I am not against porn ...
  4. I didn't, that's why I put quotes. It's what the media and the general population thinks about SL.
  5. Really, that's why Facebook, Google, Apple, Disney, flickr, Yahoo, Skype etc. are niche products while SL has billions of users, private and corporate. Oh wait, it's the opposite. It's the adult content that cripples SL to a niche for "socially inept weirdos" you better not talk about.
  6. Re "Postident": What keeps a minor from using a postident verified person's computer and account? Nothing. They can still access anything they want. And as an adult user, you could still run into a minor using such an account engaging with them in a sexual way. The truth is, it is impossible to verify identity online. All you can do is make people click some question that asks their age. And if they say yes, for the provider AND for YOU, they are adults. Period. If they are still minor, it's their parents' fault, not yours. So if you want to be sure, don't do cyber or stay offline. Despite
  7. If just one single person in history was not being murdered, because the perpetrator was being deterred by the punishment and decided not to do it, the sentence "the law doesn't protect anyone from anything" is false. What's going on here? That's simple logic. Determent is one of the core purposes of punishment. The others being justice and retribution, enforcement of authority, rehabilition, protection of the public from the criminals and so on.
  8. I don't get this panic behavior either.I am absolutely thrilled that LL is starting a new project. We can only win. Either it fails, then we just stay in SL, or it becomes the "next big thing" and we will be among the first using it. That's a much better scenario than this one: LL does nothing and sticks to its 10 years old technology and meanwhile, Googlebook and Yahoomazon start creating the virtual world of our dreams which will eventually lead to the demise of SL. Then all our inventories and names and virtual biographies will die and be be lost forever. So let's be happy and look forward
  9. Disney owns a porn studio? I didn't know that. That shows that they are doing it right. It's not about moralists, it's about branding.
  10. Was that a (quite boring -- I am an RL female) try to argue that Google is *not* taking measures to keep their content squeaky clean? Oh yes it is. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/28225712 Of course you can still find *anything* on Google search, but only if you *explicitly* look for it. That's how a virtual world should function.
  11. "Self-censoring is not the solution. You won't change outside opinions by doing that." Oh really? Apple does that, Google does that, Yahoo does that, Facebook does that ... EVERY mass market online service actually does that, otherwise it will get stuck in a redlight niche from the very beginning.
  12. Why taking this discussion to a pseudo political US vs. Europe level? I see no point in doing that. Besides ... usually Europe is considered much more liberal regarding alternative lifestyles than the US, so you're contradicting yourself. If a virtual world wants to appeal to the masses, you have to offer a Disney version. That doesn't mean that adult content has to go (and it won't, if it will, someone else will make an adult world). Oh and besides ... I don't bathe top less, I don't show genitalia on art, I speak English, I have an expensive phone, I don't celebrate Christmas and I have dis
  13. *I* know and personally I have no problems with adult content or lifestyles. It's about public perception of the product that limits its usage and user base. That's why I would love to see two versions of it in the future.
  14. A virtual world is not a game. It's a platform that can host a variety of content. Like a city. You have a park, a school, businesses and you have adult entertainment which even in the most liberal countries has their own, safe place. This is not just about children and families. No one wants to deal with pornographic material against their will. It's harassment.
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