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  1. For those of you keeping score, and track references to SL: I was just sitting here reading my textbook on mass communication, and in the video game chapter, Second Life is referenced. Intro to Mass Communications 6E Stanley J. Baran Ch9 Video Games pg 250 "Home computer users, able to interact with other gamers for decades via MUDs, have flocked to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO) such as Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, EverQuest, and Second Life."
  2. well i do. i have 2 email addy's associated with this avatar. once it's fixed i'll give you the stupid points! you win, i'm gonna put in a support ticket. 3Ring
  3. wait! so how do i change my email in this blog thingy flogrum place again? 3Ring
  4. yes, i am receiving email at two addresses. anything inworld/grid related goes to my new addy. anything from this blog thingy goes to my old one. whoever can give me the info needed to change my email addy in this blog thingy place will get some points. but i do want you to have a new toaster.... hmmmm... i'm so torn 3Ring
  5. i'm still actually getting emails to the old address from this site. inworld IM's go to the new address. and i have already relogged. 3Ring
  6. thanks Josh, for trying to help. yes, i have that email updated. but, here in the blogs my profile shows my old email address, and there is no way to change it that i can find. 3Ring
  7. HOW do you change your email address here in the blog section?  i need to update and i can't figure out how. thanks. 3Ring
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