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  1. I have been as of late running into a lot of AVs selling on MP that are either no longer in SL or have not been in world for years, this is shown in their groups by joining their store group. Even officers and support personal show the same and no response from group chats. This is very frustrating but onto my question. Why are these AVs still allowed to sell on MP and where does their lindens go on sold items from people who do not check who they are buying from not knowing they are no longer in SL. Even if they had a new alt you would figure they would sign into the main account more often than over a year ago, hence why I say they are no longer in SL. But the point is there is so much junk in MP that cannot longer be supported is there a way to report these to LL and have them removed from MP?
  2. OK that worked, I wanted to just keep it in the child prim and so left out part of your script suggestion and it worked, thanks:)
  3. I have been looking for a script that will play a sound I made on click, its a non looped sound so I am assuming it does not need to be turned off and I only want the sound to play when a user clicks a part of the object. I have several scripts but none seem to do what I need, I could of sworn there was one in the LSL library but have been unable to find it. Any help would appreciate:)
  4. Thanks for everyone help and I found what I needed!:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  5. I am looking for a teleport system that is FP that can be used with my builds. What I am looking for is something that is easily put into a res box and that my users do not need to do anything to but res the build and the TPs will work as I have set them up to. I don't care about an object as I will build the object that goes with teh builds motiff, scripts and NC are fine. My issue is all the ones I see out there require x,y,z axis set up and if I set up my build in my sky platform then hand it to a user and they res it the TP are set up with specific coordinates that I placed when I set it up in the sky. I just am just looking for a point to point teleporter, nothing sim to sim. Basically to get a user to the 2nd or third floor of a building I built and does not require them to do anythign but use it. Any recommendations is appreciated.:matte-motes-big-grin:
  6. I am looking for a FP prim resizer for linked primsets. I do have one and am trying to script it to work the way I want it to but figured if someone already did it then I will just purchase it instead:) PARAMETERS: What I am looking for is a menu driven resizer with script deleting capabilities, in other words it deletes ALL the scripts out when the user chooses to remove them from the prims via the drop down menu. It needs to work for linked prims (can be combinations of prims, sculpts and in future mesh possibly) I will be using it for skirts, belts, shoes and other items I use in making my clothing. I would like it to resize the whole object but also would like to allow the user to resize one prim on the object at a time by touching it so they can get a more customized fit. That being said, does anyone have any recommendation on a resizer that does everything I stated above please let me know. I am looking for FP so I can tweak the script as I like it for my clothing. Thanks in advance! Tayla
  7. If you have Firestorm, try bying the Linden bear and getting it delivered, once you do it should make your market box work fine.
  8. Thanks but once again LL has messed up, I am getting commission taken from a lot of my sales. NONE are over 10,000L's at all, in fact none are over 1,000L so I do not see why commissions are still being taken. I thought what a nice gift for LL to do this then when I saw commission still being taken I was very disappointed.Merchants CHECK YOUR SALES.....Not all are commission free as promised!
  9. OK I used the Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 and the Phoenix and have found that the Phoenix viewer takes up less CPU usage and memory than Impurdence. Just logging in and not moving Phoenix was at 55-64 and 264,000-292,000, where as Imprudence was 86-94 and 349,000- 360,000 so all in all I am going to stick with the old style Phoneix for this particular build of laptop as I have all my options as a builder and the extra groups option etc. All bells and whistles except mesh and its not as laggy as with a mesh enabled viewer. Thanks all and hopefully this post can help others who may come across this build or situatuion:) And thank you all for your imput!
  10. Tried the old SL viewer 1.23.5 and I can now move and such and not laggy as with a mesh enabled viewer, but being a shop owner and builder I loved the temp imports for textures so I am going to try Imprudence and old style Phoenix next to see which is better for these specs, will report my findings:) I am looking for less in the aspects of processing and memory consumption so will let you all know. Tayla
  11. Tried SIngularity, laggy as heck and slow as heck, and I am only running the viewer, if I open up the internet the whole viewer freezes so not good for this particular spec set. I have used this on my laptop that died and worked very well, just not well with this spec, but becasue it is mesh enabled could be the culprit, I think I will need to stick with a non mesh enabled viewer for now, the specs are not strong enough to handle it:)
  12. OK my normal laptop took a dive and being Christmas and no way can afford a new one or fix it right now as the mother board on this will cost me 250 pounds so can't quiet afford that right now. I have a backup laptop, it can run SL but with the SL viewer it is VERY laggy and I freeze up and basically runs super slow. What I am trying to find for now is a viewer that runs minimumal on the memory & processor resources on my laptop model any recommendations would help. I woild like to see mesh in a viewer but it is not a nessecity now so if a non mesh enabled viewer uses less resources that is good as well. I just want to be sure it is an SL approved one. SPECS: Laptop - Intel Celeron M CPU 530 @ 1.73 GHz with 2GB Memory, 32 bit Operating System (Windows 7 Ultimate), 320GB hard drive and Graphics is an Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset Thanks all! Tay
  13. I used to have a swing script..for my tire swing and it seems to have been lost in my inventory:P I actually got it from teh free script library and modified it myself so it would swing and stop on touch....does ANYONE have that swing script?
  14. As long as they are in your magic box they should appear. The reason some came up not listed is due to the maturity ratings and keyword changes made to MP. Try resetting your magic box and then resyncing your items. They should appear then just recreate the listings according to LL rules.:matte-motes-big-grin:
  15. Thanks all but I made one myself, I know height and weight of and AV varies but I think I got my caluculations right and now have a workable script I can put into my scale that does feet, meters, punds, stones and kilograms. As i could not find anythign out there, I made my own:)
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