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  1. asking why not charging 1LD for a demo okok i dont charge 1ld or any for a Demo and all my demos are for free but really if someone will charge for a demo 1ld i think its ok following reason: 1. demos also take work and need to be special made 2. demo is for thoose who will try much dotn have demos then you need buy and see then if it fits you so 1ld isnt worth 3. demos takes prims and this is the main reason i think, i have a friend she has to all her products a demo so she has around 300 - 500 demos this demos need have space too and so she need get bigger land to can make demos, she invets many work and prims in demos so i think charging 1ld to covering the tier for this demos so you cna try before isnt really much, i dont think anybody who charge 1ld will get rich just covering the tier and this is fair i think be honets you will a demo too but you also need see the inbvestment of the designer to giving you a demo it cost all and better waste 1ld then 300 ^^
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