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  1. I try to log in with Second life viwer, singularty, firestorm. every time same thing . I try to clean catch, character test . Please can someone help me! TnxThat help it !
  2. I have glitch on my avatar, my head is cut off from neck, like i have some alpha but i take off all. I just wear skin and shape, eyes. Can someone help me ? Ofc change skins, shapes but this glitch remans. Thank You! I try all that what u suggest down but nothing!
  3. i try all and tere is no plants just hippo vendors and server and some mm boards and lucky letters
  4. Please help, I have store and i take to my inventory and when i try to rezz say: Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region. I have some stuff wich i willy need. How u can reslove my problem. I was trying to go to sandbox, but always same thing. I willy need help pls anyone?
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