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  1. If I've recalled correctly, the Campwich Lodge gift terminal is just by the side of the lodge. Just cam around and you should be able to spot it. Happy hunting! ^^
  2. The region Heirlong had been released since April. You can right-click on the empty side of each house and choose "About Land", and if it's owned by another Second Life resident other than Governor Linden (sometimes also group owned by Lindens), it means that it had been released and claimed, there's also a claim date as reference. You might find occasionally abandon ones that comes up every now and then. You might want to look at regions like Rabelais, Oldridge, Foxbridge, and Millers Pond, seems like they're up next to be released next week.
  3. It seems likely possible that Sweetmarsh would be on Friday. It is a nice region.
  4. Letting go my wonderful historic mainland parcel. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jizo/6/235/21 1456 sqm mainland parcel for sale, 499 prims, with 2x protected sides to access to linden waters, with nearby linden road for driving, riding, etc. You need to pay additional US$4 tier to Linden Labs on top of your premium membership. Multiple routes to reach nearby large linden water regions. For sale at L$25,000. Objects currently on land not included in sale. Once purchased, you can use the land settings to return all of my objects, or can contact me to clear
  5. Keep refreshing when you have the Unknown error, I refreshed 3-4 times before I got mine.
  6. Second to eXxEsS. Look for those with "breeze" logo at the top right hand corner of each hair style. It moves but not as unnatural as older full flexi hairs.
  7. Just wondering how do you guys tell when will the next region be offered? I've been to Bellisseria a couple of times, I can see a huge floating prim boxing up the each region perimeter with either in blue, yellow, red or green colour, also a light blue parcel perimeter marker, as well as floating texts for each parcel, usually either in red/green text. Seems to me that once the huge floating prim boxing up the entire region is removed, it's one step closer to it's release? Followed by removal of the floating texts on individual parcels?
  8. 就是结交新朋友,聊天,购物,打扮,等等。
  9. Yes, I'm usually on SLT 5am to 8am on weekdays. Weekends would be better, I'll go Forum Cartel Hangout. Hope to meet some of you guys there!
  10. Second that. A group would be helpful with the timezone differences and all. Now just need for it to have a cool name..
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