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  1. CHILL OUT WITH dj sTEAMY 5 - 7PM SLT •?((¯°·._.• ѕтeaмy ғoaм parтy •._.·°¯))؟• with DJ Steamray genre: erotic chill vs House music StormWind (165,28,24) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/165/28/24
  2. If you join a group or profile pick the place that you only just venutured to the first time they can find you through that, even if it's your first time there. People can find you through search they can also find when your online if you haven't set online to friends only. They can join groups to see when your on or not on. There are huds also available to show when someone logs in or off the person just has to add your name to it. Skyboxes most are advertised in the renters office and have the pay boxes there. If your concerned and long term renter you can ask your landlord to put the rental box to your skybox and see if they can provide you with an orb or access to the add and bann allow list on about land. If your landlord is the estate owner/manager he or she can add the names to a region bann list if they are causing concern. If they just pop in and out of your home use and orb and bann if it's places you go to then let the owners know. I have had similar happen to me for quite sometime now, those people or people a like have a different frame of mind then to most. It is like they love the attention and the headgames playing with people that way. you will figure who is an alt and who is genuine. Theres just some unfortunate people on sl that do not have anything better to do then try stalk people or cause harm. Wish you all the best and keep your chin up, eventually people move on once they see they don't get a reaction and are no longer effecting you.
  3. I do this but i use this as an example... slink hourglass NOT DEMO. And change price range as go through. Helps me a lot. If its zero or 1l change it to highest first an you can see the no demos on lowest L option
  4. Thanks, Just believe Steffi as a therapist and her clinic can help a lot. It has helped others and it is great to see people stepping forward to help or want help. In leading a good path in SL for there to be some mental health awareness. Lost to many to it Also lost a family member to it several years back. Who didn't feel able to go to face to face therapy i just wish he was around sl and that SL existed back then and he could have tried or atleast had a support group of friends to get him through. Thanks again. Last post of me. Grateful SL has places like these as well as RL.
  5. Nope, you wanna talk Insensitive. Look at the treatment of this thread starter has gone through by crazy trolls. Again, have a look at thd context i referred to as crazies/crazy trolls... Craaazy... Cooo coo, Bannnnanas, Trolls loosing their pixel minds over a thread and place because they cannot FORCE someone into saying something/doing it. Here let me post some definations since your deciding to turn it on to something else when it has a variety of definations.. Here's some... senseless; impractical; totally unsound Informal. intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited Informal. very enamored or infatuated Informal. intensely anxious or eager; impatient Informal. unusual; bizarre; singular Slang. wonderful; excellent; perfect: having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality,behavior, result, pattern, etc. noun, plural cra·zies. Slang. an unpredictable, nonconforming person;oddball: the crazies, Slang. a sense of extreme unease,nervousness, or panic; extreme jitters:The crew was starting to get the crazies from beingcooped up belowdecks for so long. Idioms like crazy, Slang.with great enthusiasm or energy; to anextreme:We shopped like crazy and bought all ourChristmas gifts in one afternoon. Think you understand now, crazies/crazy/crayzeee/crazier.. has more then one meaning so don't attempt to tar me with the same brush you would someone else... also these meanings make it pretty clear the people was being crazy in their attempts and extremeness, infatuation with getting Steff to talk here instead of IM as she asked.
  6. Post was taking out of context i referred to the crazies on this thread, not actually someone who has mental health or pychological issues. As it is a two way street, cannot expect someone to be mistreated and not have knowledge and help to clear it up.. Also cannot expect to be treated fairly if someone is openly targeting with intent which is what has been done on this thread by them against Steffi as it has previously happened on another thread too and the same place. If you's read up. It isn't that hard to pop by have a nosey, ask her in IM stuff, If you's have no intent to genuinely work this out other then demanding your own wants and needs be met and stuff anyone elses.. Then what's the point? That is just trolling... Stating the obvious here to clear it up. Go or don't go, your choice, IM Steffi or Don't IM her, Your choice. She has laid it down the info is their, however you have to go or IM her for it as her posting on an advertising thread for the place/employment will not have that information on here. Have fun.
  7. Did i call people with mental health or psychological issues crazies or say they didn't deserve respect. NO i am talking about the lot of crazies on this thread. Now dear do not even try go there when you have no knowledge or understanding of what someone else or others have or are going through. FYI.. I also have mental health issues because of things i have been through in my life, AND Just like Steffi, i chooose to pay it forward, and give something back irl and i am qualified in counselling and a therapist too. I saw the help it gave me. Sooo i wanted to help others.. Just like Steffi i will not post my info here or credentials. Because i know what a shambolic mess the trolls are making of this thread. Respect is a two way street, Civilness is automatically given, respect is given when it is earned and shown.
  8. Again IM Steffi if you want to know more, or employment. everyone has a right to privacy and confidence... can say tranquilty is a really nice place and it's staff are very helpful. Just ashame crazies can't let a topic/place/people be.
  9. Theres no need for insulting each other or yourselves. Steffi has explained as have i and others... if you want to know more IM her. If your interested in employment IM her, also linden labs place to mod people not you. The topic is not about you trolling or what you do to get your kicks. Yet we can clearly see how.
  10. Think you will actually find EVERYONE was previously told to stop this nonsence on previous topic. Yet The ones continuing to troll Steffi's posts, obviously are not learning. Shall i show you just to state this is a pattern and routine of theres. Here you go. "@On 5/15/2018 at 9:30 PM, Corky Linden said: Please remember that when engaging with each other on the forums to please keep any and all discussions civil and on topic. If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion we encourage you to take it to PMs or drop it entirely." There you go... And you claim you are not victimising her? Any Real ans True Therapists do not behave in this manner neither do Adults. Addressed everything previously already. Cara/ovmc/Trolls/AltsHarassingTTC. Move on and find some peace in yourselves. I have better things to do with my time then to reply to partial quotes taken out of context or twisted. Or to the non constructive reality perceptions people who are so anxiously sat watching this thread instantly waiting to troll within minutes of a new reply posted. Keyboard warriors waste so much of their precious energy in doing so. Try to gas light less too instead of trying to make yourselves look like saints.
  11. Yep let me know when and were and i'll pop on. Off to another place to do some base chores for a bit. Hahaha i can't do yours either. I love yours it is cute!
  12. Yeah they won't again don't understand how its hard not to read that i am not you or neither do i work for TTC, not sure how they cannot comprehend that. i can verify ttc and its abilities as a clinic and steffi as a qualified therapist. Strange to have quoted me and then talk to me as if i was you.. don't you think Steffi?
  13. Your not capable of hearing or reading. If you did you would have better understanding. She promises qualified service at minimal costs she is not in it for the money.. Had you read what i previous said. She is not in it to make money and does not even cover tier by any costs the place has. She has offered to answer concerns in IM and personally.. This is an advertisement thread.. Not the place for trolling or dictator talks of fake concerns trolls have.
  14. Genuinely go and give it a chance and have the respect to ask her or seek info in a respectful manner. If you don't then remember you treat others as you would like to be treated. If you don't have any inclination to go open minded and listen or see the place.. Then what is the point of the trolling and negative comments that this post or place could be of help to other people. Should i go posting recommendations to someone that feels they can only have a baby or clinic services on SL... Saying yoo thats really bad for your and gonna mess you up... Your better having a RL Clinic or Gyno if your wanting treatment or a baby... Hey you are roleplaying it after all not like its real.. Oops it could be if you do it IRL or seek help. Same with RP Space places or labs... Why waste time on SL when you can go to those places IRL? Same for SL Families or RP dance places.. Why not go dancing irl or family irl? I find it funny how people can judge an post and not expect a reply to hear someone back. If you believe also what i wrote above.. I was being sarcastic. Because there is a double standard and contradiction here on people posting. Steffi is not Roleplaying a Fake RP clinic. She is qualified and only wants to help people. You only tarnish yourselves instead of looking at it as people are trying to help spread mental health awareness across multiple platforms.. But hey i guess thats wrong when qualified RL therapists do use social media/email/phone/net as multi platforms ways of helping people.. Just like SL has now the chance too. Help be positive and move forward for mental health or carry on the negativity and making it the hush word when really if it had been more out there it would have helped a lot of people who aren't here anymore... an Fyi... As a friend i have helped pick my rl and sl friends up who are low or needing to talk. If i ever fear they would cause harm to themselves i do direct them to the right places to seek help. I am qualifief irl, however i do not work Steffi's place due to i am focusing on my own RL stuff right now. I can tell you for a fact though, Steffi listens. Does not tell someone how to handle something but helps rhem to see the positive not negative and if anyone has ever come to her seeking to not want to be here irl anymore she has helped them and pointed them to the Real places IRL to seek urgent help instead of them sat suffering in silence.. there is a way of therapy and listening... however any medical help or help to stop someone from no longer being here is more for RL as most people in that kind of headspace would neeed to be watched and someone really there in real world to help them not do it. Steffi is not causing harm to anyone vulnerable. She is very gifted and being there for others in paying it forward.. Why should a qualified therapist sit there not willing to help someone when they are capable to a point? Move along if your not for mental health in SL.
  15. No, More like other way around. Gas lighting is nothing new.. Please re think before you try play that game.. who came to whoses thread to diminish and tarnish what Steff and her place are trying to do. Yeah they won't though, Agreed. They can't share or manipulate IM's lr doctor them due to TOS too. Neither Steff or I have attacked anyone. Stated the truth and facts... But hey you know how forums work. If you don't want a response then usually forums are not best place to post. You shouldn't need to post any were else LL own these forums. These people don't they will troll and tear people down to make them feel better about their lives. Just Block, Bann and Ignore they aren't relevent.. Publically they expose themselves... In IM just laugh at it. You have better things to do with your time.
  16. Absolutely love this, was there for the first one, Couldn't be for the second one but this really helped me. It was lovely to meet others and to chat too.
  17. Again is it boredom. Most people know how to use forums. Those of us choose to in a productive/positive way... Not just to sit there because we have nothing better to do then troll or be negative. No one gave defensive ones... Try asking civil questions and being open to hear and see it without casting bias judgements and doubts/accusations. If you were genuine in looking to refer or recommend her place to others then you would be willing to look at it and give it an honest chance. Yeah, they need to move along and give it a rest.
  18. Because this is not some RP/Roleplay to you or most that just sees it as a way to earn Lindens. No Prob Steffi, They want to be seen and heard and not expect a response. Yeah it is a shame. At end of day, those that want to be productive or postive in helping or needing help or an Ear, Go to TTC i can Verify you will not find another place on the grid that is as qualified, caring or that actually puts you first and not Lindens. You will also find there is always someone that will be there for you no matter what. You haven't put anyones hopes up Steff, thats on them... Yet again. If they want to keep talking i qill keep responding to say that at TTC people wanting to be of help or needing help will always be welcome. If they just want to troll then reay they just expose themselves for who and what they are.
  19. Lovely to see TTC helping ♡ It's unethical to a typically troll each thread that this Real Life Qualified Therapist/Counsellor/Coach does. She has set her clinic up by Linden Labs own standards and has no one to prove herself to but them. I can say for a fact multiple people with alts have tried their best to tarnish and taint it and Steffi the owner of TTC has worked along with Linden Labs to make sure everything is run by the book. Why should Steffi state/show her buisness practices.. How she runs the place an verifies everyone.... Because again same stupid thing will happen someone that is not qualified will come along and try clone and replicate what she has done... But instead of the intent to help people. They do it for their own greed... Same thing happened with xxx/zavvi guy recently. Why is it you don't go there and actually talk to Steffi and see what the place is about without casting judgements. You willing to publically share yours Number1Counselor or the clinic you actually work for? Instead of trying to run more places out of SL why can you not be happy others want to be of help that are not doing it at the Linden Expense that your clinic is charging... Is that what the issue is here more clinics thinking of their own L greed were as Steffis fees are so low she still covers her own tiers out of her own Real Cash. Because she is not looking to cash in on it. Also Cara, Most real therapists won't recommend meds to people either. That's just trying to push vulnerable people into taking meds that aren't actually recommended or perscribe by their real life dr. You will also find putting pills in the hand of someone thats already low, is giving them the nudge to go even lower and possibly not be here any more... Were as talking will not hurt someone. Agreed. If they try lead in IM and Lie, Then post logs they break LL TOS by posting them publically. Instead of trolling yours and your staffs posts they should move along if they are just going to be negative and unproductive on helping lead the mental health awareness movement in sl. No she shouldn't as per the terms she follows by LL standards she has already met. She does not need to meet your standards or needs of trolling. She already stated she banned people for twisting and trying to make something of it that it's not. So your totally taking her words out of context and interpreting them into a troll way. Steffi has helped more vulnerable people then you will ever know, She goes out of her way to be of help and care for them with her Real Life Qualifications and Experiences. If You end up banned maybe it will be something for you to talk to with your person. Ever thought some find it easier to communicate through therapy on SL then face to face IRL? I guess not. Yep they will make assumptions and excuses and have expectations. At end of day a troll is going to troll and a negative being will always find some way or outlet for negativity because they have nothing better or productive or positive to do. No ones mentioned 18 year old pixie also who is 18 year old pixie because Steffi is not. Try actually talking and having your eyes open and willing to listen with your ears... If you have given it a chance an then still take a distaste to it.. Then fair enough.. But come on to troll without actually being a human being open to the chance someone could actually be making or trying to genuinely help change. For Mental health. No one has anything against furs, I witnessed the trolls and alts come and try ruin it for people who actually want and are there to help and be of help and well regardless of fur or anything... If trouble makers/alts/trolls purposely try ruin it for others and the place.. Then like most places..... obviously being banned is inevitable.
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