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  1. i tried restarting my router stil no long im using firestorm
  2. I keep getting stuck on region handhsake. Im on a mac running mavericks i dont have a firewall up. Nothing has changed.
  3. anyone know the minimum price you need to get in?
  4. we need an in house dj for a gig this friday and if all goes well we wil hire you for more events please message me inworld for more info or stop by http://slurl.com/secondlife/VALLEY%20STREAM/172/154/159
  5. We are arabesque a new club we work in a drama and stress free enviorment. Here at Arabesque everyone is family.we are looking for experinced dancers who can send quailty emotes and be at least a month old you should be able to work at least 7hrs a week and be exclusive to the cub i come on by the club for a tour and to get an application here at Arabesque for every 50L one piece of clothing comes off you should also be able to wear silks and arabic clothing at all times while at the club if you dont have any we can provide you with starter silks http://slurl.com/secondlife/VALLEY%20STREAM/171/163/22
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