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  1. is the rumour true that sl went over to the Amazon servers just a week or two back?
  2. Thank you so much. Sadly I live in a country that has no access to free toll calls to SL. However, I know what to do now and will do that....thank you so much for getting back to me.
  3. I have started the process of downgrading from premium to basic and have changed my mind....How to I cancel it Bea'verlei
  4. I logged on and it took ages for me to load.....said it was still building...when it did, I noticed my AO was not working, nor could it be turned on. I looked in my animations folder to set it up again and all my animations have been taken from my inventory. I think it may have something to do with the bridge not loading... I do not cherish the thought of spending all that money again and prob well never regain most of them. I am so upset Beverley
  5. What I am noticing that at loggin time a message lets you know how many are online. I can remember when it showed over a million...now the most I see when logging in is 50,000. So yes, maybe SL is dying and Inzworld is taking over. SL is still the best, in my opinion, but those numbers are like the canary going into the mines for me.....something is wrong!
  6. You covered that well. One thing some do forget is that not everyone is from USA. Not only would SL have to deal with laws of your country, but they would not welcome other countries getting involved.
  7. I agree with you, rp does not have the numbers like it did. Have you noticed when logging in it tells you how many are online. The great days of rp, that number being online was over a Million. Now the most I have seen is 50,000 I just wonder if LL is going to do anything to get the numbers up? I know many have gone to Inzworld as land is sooo much cheaper. Certainly I know of rp sims who have moved there. Even our great meter and weapon maker, not to mention the Unity pouch which he took over from Perwins, Warwick Falconer has left SL for Inzworld. Anyway that is my thoughts...I do blame the fact there is just not the numbers anymore and the main reason is cost.s
  8. Have you thought of Uhre? I know it is next to Syvhara, but we are not connected and no one has to rp on it. Come for a visit and have a look.
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