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  1. Learn It Town English City Open 24/7 has opened it's sim 24/7 to students who want to practice speaking English. We ask that you do not interrupt our ongoing classes. But if you need to move your class to Learn It Town, just email laura@learnittown.com.  

    We have English music playing at the dance area, and many learning opportunities.  As many of us are quarantined, we welcome you to our sim. 

    Laura Jeffcoat / Lowri Mills.


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  2. Do I also need to go get a Computer degree to understand any of what you just said?  Surely a company that wants business and customers will make an update that you don't have to take apart your computer to fix and will work on a MAC.  Imagine if you didn't speak English and tried to understand what you just said.  This doesn't sound like a computer problem to me, it sounds like a programming problem.  Did they let the intern do the update again?

  3. Most of our students who have a MAC are unable to load the SL browser.  One of our teachers was able to load the pre-beta firestorm and it is working, but the SL Browser won't.  So that is about 10 people.  But each one has been told to just upgrade their graphics card.  But obviously that isn't working.  We are not sure how long it will be that the pre-beta firestorm will work on MAC either.  So good luck.

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