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  1. I have been in Second Life since 2007 and a premium member. I still only get offered the cheap old homes. It really isn't a benefit, if it isn't offered if you pay $39 a quarter. Luckily I pay $325 a month for a sim and enjoy SL. It is very expensive.
  2. Go to the Learn It Town sim and see all the great ways to teach in Second Life. Lowri Mills has been teaching English and designing educational sims since 2007. So check it. She has opened it to the public. It is a rated G sim. The entire sim is dedicated to education.
  3. Learn It Town English City Open 24/7 has opened it's sim 24/7 to students who want to practice speaking English. We ask that you do not interrupt our ongoing classes. But if you need to move your class to Learn It Town, just email laura@learnittown.com. We have English music playing at the dance area, and many learning opportunities. As many of us are quarantined, we welcome you to our sim. Laura Jeffcoat / Lowri Mills.
  4. Welcome Rod, to our wonderful world!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Hope to see you in world...
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