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  1. You're paying for the item *and* the chance of a lucky roll after payment has been received. If the next roll did not have intrinsic value there wouldn't be any need to (temporarily) lock it to the last person to pay the "slot machine". (In addition you even called the result of the random roll a 'prize')
  2. Lock-in would just prevent the automation from stealing someone's rare; someone will at some point leave up the common you want. Either because they don't want it, or because they've gotten it 5 times already and are fed up and let their lock-in time expire. It can then be bought, you get a roll of your own for one of the other items you want - including the rare - and then it goes back to sleep to wait for anything else on the list to become available. Different scenario then: someone registers X amount of accounts to swap them in and out as the timer hits. They also advertise their service and for a small mark-up to be paid on delivery will attempt to get you the exact item you want. For diserable gachas the bot might grab most of the items since at least one person is a 'guaranteed' buyer of the item which gives the operator a very large amount of rolls for rares to sell at a heavy mark-up. People can get the item they want at the almost at-cost price without having to bother searching the marketplace and you can still get individual rares (for a mark-up) as is the case now. Which would actually be an improvement and I guess I'll stop arguing against it and wait for someone to set it up 😁.
  3. This will get automated fairly quickly: you point a viewer (or a bot) at the gacha vendor, you say which prize you'd like (hover text would be easiest since that's text but texture indicators will work too) and you leave an alt there AFK. If the next item isn't locked you could snipe rares, if the next item is locked for a limited time you can only snipe (un)commons - I'll assume that no one would pass on a rare, although you do get a roll of your own with ever common you snag up - but often you actively want specific common items too anyway and it'll just be a matter of time before someone leaves that common you want up. So go to bed, leave your alt at epiphany and by morning you'll have a good chunk of all the specific commons you wanted with no effort on your part. The only way for a real person to play would be to throw away their first roll on something they don't want.
  4. You're actually paying for two items: the item displayed *and* a random luck-of-the-draw outcome. Can you honestly say that no one will ever pay into it for an item they don't want just for the chance of being able to buy the rare on the next roll of the dice? Since gacha items have RL monterary value due to the thriving reseller market you essentially end up playing a slot machine knowing what the outcome will be, but mostly for the chance to win big if only you just feed it a little bit more money for one more spin to see what the next outcome will be... which to most people would feel like gambling. (I'm not arguing that it isn't allowed under LL's definition but just that it's as predatory as gachas and not an improvement over just selling the items in a regular vendor at fair value)
  5. Those are the only ones I uploaded to Flickr; if I took any more they're not in my inventory and any extras from that far back will have fallen victim to the hard dive failure monster, sorry .
  6. I hated it when LL decided to discontinue Live Help and folded it into the mentor program since both had very different skillsets. I just don't have the patience to deal with newbies but I loved helping established residents with problems or answering questions (and of course nothing beat watching a Linden explain how SL genitals work 😇). In many cases resident volunteers also helped in ways that just aren't feasible for Lindens or support staff because of the time investment. My best memory is still a resident who started a Live Chat in full panic mode because they'd accidentally rezzed something and granted it debit permissions and the prim whisked away and was draining her L$ balance. She'd moved the remaining balance to an alt, but that account would be useless for as long as that prim was out there. So I teleported over to where she thought she rezzed it and we spent at least half an hour just flying around and eventually I found the prim and she deleted it. Account saved! 🥳 It was at that point that a Linden who'd been silently monitoring the conversation jumped in, teleported to us, god teleported the scammer and kicked (banned?) them off the grid with a witty remark. LL can't dedicate that amount of time to helping a single resident, but by just monitoring us he could jump in at the right time and at least take some action (you still don't get your L$ back unfortunately). Another case was someone who'd lost a 'no copy' object (some kind of cuddly animal if I remember) after rezzing it and they were upset because it had sentimental value. This was at the time where items had a good chance of appearing at 0,0,0 so sure enough, I found it hiding there and selecting it made it return to their inventory. 10 minutes later I got a snapshot they'd taken with it as a thank you which made it feel really worthwhile. We also took care of concierge type questions for people who didn't qualify for concierge level, helped people sort out tier by calculating their group bonus, or just answered "why is there a box on my head?!" or directions to a "nude beach" 🙄. TLDR from the ex-Live Helper side, it did serve a big purpose. At the time LL support was somewhat lacking and it can't (and should have never been) a replacement for official support, but it definitely filled a void.
  7. I remember that mall! It's one of the pretty places I used to show off LL's 'Shadow Draft' project (in the early days of shadows LL only did source code drops for it and didn't offer a viewer with it of its own). Hopefully this doesn't ruin your memory of it .
  8. Grid-wide experiences were supposed to be generally available but so far it's only Linden experiences and I think a few residents who participated in the testing. That said, there are already 'shared experiences' out there where someone offers up their experience to the community at large, and which can then be used for griefing (one reason avSitter is banned from executing RLV commands). Even if grid-wide experiences end up being more tightly controlled by LL that then just shifts the risk to the security of the individual scripter. The in-world browser is old and not frequently updated so for force-opening URLs seems like a bad security move until that gets addressed and improved. I can unfortunately see blocking this functionality becoming an option on most TPVs, and then having it enabled by default which would limit its usefulness significantly and it would probably have been nice to have this discussion/announcement happen at the bi-weekly TPV meeting .
  9. My first hair was a GuRL 6 hair because you got one for free if you were under 30 days old. Some I haven't seen mentioned: * Dazzle (later rebranded as Last Call) was one of my favourite stores (unfortunately Ginny Talamasca passed away) * Republic Bay was probably not terribly well known but I got to know the creator (Lika Goodliffe) a little and he made a house I still have wonderful memories of (I later on found he'd also since passed) * TorridWear (Torrid Midnight) made the post iterations of my AO poses * Starax Statosk was always a mystery name and I'd see it pop up with reference to the "Starax wand's magical abilities" - I don't think I ever got to see one I found this in a dusty corner of my inventory:
  10. There's likely not many people who were around for this (or who remember, or who chose to be involved) but I wouldn't mind UI design documents opened up for resident comments again. Back in 2008 there was a landmarks/navigation redesign which I remember seeing and being asked to comment on before viewer work started ( https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/attachment/18733/LLSL-LandmarksEnhancements-FinalIA-08-0626.pdf note page 8 for the new landmarks floater and then https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/attachment/16995/SL_Viewer_Revised_Wireframes.pdf ). While far too heavily browser inspired there were really good ideas there (a 'Received Landmarks' floater would have been nice and prevented the OP mention of searching for landmarks being useless since we're literally drowning in them from spam / share-happy friends) and I think the only landmark related thing we ended up getting was a 'My notes' textbox that never had any follow up use. There have been some ambitious overhauls since then (CHUI comes to mind), but it often feels like very obvious things or existing use cases end up being completely overlooked which is why resident participation feels key and sharing documents like that helps prevent that before the code is committed and everything's set in stone. (EEP being the latest example: environment assets are a good thing, parcel-level control is a good thing, multiple-height levels is a good thing, a 'Personal Lighting' floater is a good thing. But the UI end-result however is very much not - in addition to coupling it with a rendering update that changes how the world looks) TLDR - I like that viewer UI is a focus point, but it would be even better if residents could get involved prior to being confronted with a 'done deal' where our feedback is largely pointless, because no one is going to hit the 'Undo' button and throw away months of work.
  11. Or just have LL implement permissions the same way Android/iOS apps have varying degrees of things they can/cannot do. In most cases people will simply not care, but at least it makes things visible when those functions are used in a script where you wouldn't reasonably expect them to be. Updo Hair, owned by you, would like to: * track your location (=llHttpRequest) * track the people around you (=llSensor) * listen to local chat (= llListen) * communicate/send information to a remote host [ Allow] [ Deny ] (Also updates can be done simply by redelivering an item to all people who have purchased it; no embedded scripts required)
  12. No, it really wasn't. Quarterly wasn't subject to VAT until the price increase. (And support can't agree on what happens to my stipend if I change from quaterly to yearly with some saying I loose it, and the others saying it'll stay L$500)
  13. Is this why third-party L$ exchanges were banned all those years ago? So LL can now - already for the third time - keep on raising the cost of buying L$? 🙁 The premium price increase doubled what I pay for premium (LL price increase + decision to start charging VAT on it which LL didn't before) and now the cost of buying L$ has gone up 10x from 40 cents to $4.20 (I tend to buy around L$15k/$60 at a time for a month's worth of shopping). "Whales will pay no matter what" works in games, but the (over)paying minority tends to at least get the "pay to win" brag rights but you're missing that piece of the puzzle in SL. The model where you (over)charge for basic platform services seems better than to just tax L$ spending residents with increasing amounts of RL money. For instance you have the "in-app purchase of $40 for a name change". Make extra options to wear 1 additional animesh attachments (basic has 1 currently, premium gets 2). Pay-to-win purchase for extra groups, or more picks, or an online status indicator, or one time $40 to have 2FA, etc etc... . Anything that doesn't repeatedly make me feel punished for being part of the minorty that's already giving LL $US...
  14. 'Unsolicited' isn't really provable in an automated fashion so I'd personally really want the rule to be "You may not send automated advertisements....", period. That leaves groups as a means of allowed mass communication and people have to willingly join those so consent is implied (and annoying group invite spam bots would just fall under the same 'no go' rule). Not once have I ever clicked on any of the objects that spam me on a regular basis so it's very fair to assume that a large portion of stores with a "subscription kiosk" seed them anyway rather than people genuinely clicking them. In the last 7 days I've gotten 16 offline object messages and then every other day when I log in 2-5 are waiting for me to actually be online and then additionally offer landmarks and notecards. There's been a fun recent new one that's actually a full 33 lines of chat history text so yes, +1 for a no tolerance ban on spamming residents.
  15. I remember when you started and things are now much better for TPV devs than they were back then so thank you for all your dedication and hard work! I wish you all the best and we'll miss you. (Although hopefully we'll catch glimpses of an Oz Resident now and then 😀)
  16. I redid the WindLight RLV commands (with a few new EEP-specific ones) in RLVa back in May and it's gone out in several FS betas/nightlies since then and no one's poked me about any issues so if you know/think something's wrong/broken please do let me know.
  17. It's the proper emoji Unicode characters so really all any viewer (including LL's) needs to do is put the proper emoji font in its font folder. They will show as black/white emoji's but everyone will see them fine. Even without doing anything some of them will show up on all existing viewers (smiley face, sad face, etc) just because they're already in the current fallback fonts. My guess would be that if we release with it and it's actually popular then I'll probably just get poked to put it into Firestorm and then LL might poke to get it into the official viewer. Or it might fail and that's fine too 😃. Just using other chat proggies makes SL feel very old-fashioned with having to click imgur and gyazo links to see what they are in a program that isn't SL which is always disconcerting rather than just hovering over it and seeing it right there in the chat window.
  18. You mean bringing SL communication up to semi-modern standards? It's already been done (or will be once the new Catznip releases) :). First was to just have proper link previews like anything else you use to communicate with (with the proper options to not have it on in groups and all that): And obviously, emoji's are a big thing (the current implementation looks a lot better than this - it was the original proof of concept from last year): And the only part that requires (new) viewer code is actually the colour emoji's (and having a way to look them up), you can do black and white emoji fonts right now just by dropping the font in the viewer's folder.
  19. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I take offense to that! It looks great and pretty *pouts*
  20. And it's been removed; if you made/sell something based on this I suggest you refund your customers or you'll have some very angry people after the next RLVa release.
  21. They aren't changing the active group, but rather changing the active role within the currently active group to get a different group title. That part is new since the last RLVa release; the ability to change the active group (without control over the active role) has been part of general RLV for many years now. As an aside, changing your active group shouldn't make that much of a difference. Access is independent of active group, placing prims is viewer dependent (which is how viewers can have a "rez under land group", etc. Changing the role shouldn't do anything except broadcast the title string to everyone that has you on their interest list; which is less impact than a titler that keeps cycling its letters. --- That said, I've had some people poke with concerns; if I see things go out of control then I'll slap a throttle on it or remove it entirely as a failed experiment of introducing more "fun" things to play with.
  22. In addition to that RLVaEnableTemporaryAttachments setting has been around for a long while now precisely to limit the scope to only attachments you choose to wear yourself; which as a side-effect blocks all experiences related things too (since they're all temp prims). But that's really just intended to remove the surprise/undesired factor of having temp attached prims interacting with your RLV(a) when you know you never want them to. If someone is using an experience to grief, or step out of line, then the experience >creator< is ultimately responsible for how they allow their experience to be used and do abuse report that.
  23. Yes, exactly, nothing about the experience is affected in any way. The viewer will simply add the object to the blocked list and not process its RLV commands, for example with KT's script I see: [09:15] Object: failed: @setrot:3.14=force (blocked object)
  24. I've only ever told people that they should not expect experiences and RLVa to work together; the fact that they do was unintentional so there's no contract or promise that things that worked in the past, or work right now, will work that way in the future. As it stands, by default, PG experiences should not ever expect to be able to attach something that then issues RLV commands. At the moment, M & A are ok, but that's not set in stone either. Like I said, moving forward there will be a way to indicate the kind of "risk" a user is willing to have. At the low end ("Casual") the combination of experiences that attach things that issue RLV commands will simply be outright blocked; in the middle things likely stay as they are and on the "hardcore" end it's just everything with "moderate" being the default. It also depends on whether LL ends up adding things that help with identifying when a script (or the object) is participating in an experience or not. If they don't, and the hacky way I have to find out right now turns out to be unreliable (KT's script works for me, but apparently not for her so) it becomes more likely that experiences would be denied the use of RLV by default unless the user enables it (or chooses hardcore).
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