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  1. There's likely not many people who were around for this (or who remember, or who chose to be involved) but I wouldn't mind UI design documents opened up for resident comments again. Back in 2008 there was a landmarks/navigation redesign which I remember seeing and being asked to comment on before viewer work started ( https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/attachment/18733/LLSL-LandmarksEnhancements-FinalIA-08-0626.pdf note page 8 for the new landmarks floater and then https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/attachment/16995/SL_Viewer_Revised_Wireframes.pdf ). While far too heavily browser
  2. Or just have LL implement permissions the same way Android/iOS apps have varying degrees of things they can/cannot do. In most cases people will simply not care, but at least it makes things visible when those functions are used in a script where you wouldn't reasonably expect them to be. Updo Hair, owned by you, would like to: * track your location (=llHttpRequest) * track the people around you (=llSensor) * listen to local chat (= llListen) * communicate/send information to a remote host [ Allow] [ Deny ] (Also updates can be done simply by redelivering an item to a
  3. No, it really wasn't. Quarterly wasn't subject to VAT until the price increase. (And support can't agree on what happens to my stipend if I change from quaterly to yearly with some saying I loose it, and the others saying it'll stay L$500)
  4. Is this why third-party L$ exchanges were banned all those years ago? So LL can now - already for the third time - keep on raising the cost of buying L$? 🙁 The premium price increase doubled what I pay for premium (LL price increase + decision to start charging VAT on it which LL didn't before) and now the cost of buying L$ has gone up 10x from 40 cents to $4.20 (I tend to buy around L$15k/$60 at a time for a month's worth of shopping). "Whales will pay no matter what" works in games, but the (over)paying minority tends to at least get the "pay to win" brag rights but you're missing
  5. 'Unsolicited' isn't really provable in an automated fashion so I'd personally really want the rule to be "You may not send automated advertisements....", period. That leaves groups as a means of allowed mass communication and people have to willingly join those so consent is implied (and annoying group invite spam bots would just fall under the same 'no go' rule). Not once have I ever clicked on any of the objects that spam me on a regular basis so it's very fair to assume that a large portion of stores with a "subscription kiosk" seed them anyway rather than people genuinely clicking the
  6. I remember when you started and things are now much better for TPV devs than they were back then so thank you for all your dedication and hard work! I wish you all the best and we'll miss you. (Although hopefully we'll catch glimpses of an Oz Resident now and then 😀)
  7. I redid the WindLight RLV commands (with a few new EEP-specific ones) in RLVa back in May and it's gone out in several FS betas/nightlies since then and no one's poked me about any issues so if you know/think something's wrong/broken please do let me know.
  8. It's the proper emoji Unicode characters so really all any viewer (including LL's) needs to do is put the proper emoji font in its font folder. They will show as black/white emoji's but everyone will see them fine. Even without doing anything some of them will show up on all existing viewers (smiley face, sad face, etc) just because they're already in the current fallback fonts. My guess would be that if we release with it and it's actually popular then I'll probably just get poked to put it into Firestorm and then LL might poke to get it into the official viewer. Or it might fail an
  9. You mean bringing SL communication up to semi-modern standards? It's already been done (or will be once the new Catznip releases) :). First was to just have proper link previews like anything else you use to communicate with (with the proper options to not have it on in groups and all that): And obviously, emoji's are a big thing (the current implementation looks a lot better than this - it was the original proof of concept from last year): And the only part that requires (new) viewer code is actually the colour emoji's (and having a way to look them up), you can do bl
  10. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I take offense to that! It looks great and pretty *pouts*
  11. And it's been removed; if you made/sell something based on this I suggest you refund your customers or you'll have some very angry people after the next RLVa release.
  12. They aren't changing the active group, but rather changing the active role within the currently active group to get a different group title. That part is new since the last RLVa release; the ability to change the active group (without control over the active role) has been part of general RLV for many years now. As an aside, changing your active group shouldn't make that much of a difference. Access is independent of active group, placing prims is viewer dependent (which is how viewers can have a "rez under land group", etc. Changing the role shouldn't do anything except broadcast the ti
  13. In addition to that RLVaEnableTemporaryAttachments setting has been around for a long while now precisely to limit the scope to only attachments you choose to wear yourself; which as a side-effect blocks all experiences related things too (since they're all temp prims). But that's really just intended to remove the surprise/undesired factor of having temp attached prims interacting with your RLV(a) when you know you never want them to. If someone is using an experience to grief, or step out of line, then the experience >creator< is ultimately responsible for how they allow their exp
  14. Yes, exactly, nothing about the experience is affected in any way. The viewer will simply add the object to the blocked list and not process its RLV commands, for example with KT's script I see: [09:15] Object: failed: @setrot:3.14=force (blocked object)
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