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  1. With ad blocker plus on chrome, right click the icon, pick options. Untick "Allow some non-intrusive advertising". This resolved all my problems blocking adverts on SecondLife.com domains.
  2. Immersive ... emotional ... ADULT AREA PLEASE !!!
  3. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: I wish I could discuss my role play experiences here. But like most RP-interested residents, my RP is rather adult-themed in nature. It would be great if we adult residents with adult interests had an 18+ subforum to discuss adult topics. Agreed ... for the same reasons.
  4. Elric Anatine wrote: I am deeply saddened to read that not only was GD excised, but any such threads created will also be closed by overzealous moderators. Now we have no choice. The Official SL forums will become sterile and any camaraderie that would have normally occurred outside of the negativity will be very difficult, if not impossible, to flourish in this new environment. In any event, please put down my vote for a much needed GD Subforum. Agreed.
  5. Most of the RP in SL are at least Mature .. Can we even mention or refer to a RP thats Mature or *shock* Adult ?
  6. Raul Rehnquist wrote: This is deja vu. They did the same thing before when they changed over to the Jive software. Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it . Yup. Same thinking from people who don't actually have anything to do witht he forums or the community it supports. Round and round and round .. Maybe were supposed to talk about Second LIfe on facebook or something...
  7. Finora Kuncoro wrote: The loss of the GD forum seems no bad thing to me. I'm sure there will be enough community chatter in the subject forums. That's not a good thing. There are already at least 3 conversations going on about where were all supposed to post non specific stuff. In the absence of a general pool, every sub forum becomes the general pool. The forums use as a resource is compramised and the only option is to moderate with a heavy hand to keep the sub forums on topic. You end up with threads being moved, threads being deleted and a whole mess of resentment that drives the people most useful to the community as a whole away from the community. The general chatter will never die down, the people who are very subject focused will just give up and find a better venue. The signal to noise ratio is what matters, no general discussion just added a lot of static everywhere else.
  8. In the absence of a place to just chew the fat, the fat is gonna get chewed everywhere in every sub forum scatter gun, it degrades the value of the sub forums as they end up full of junk threads, moderator thread moving / deleting drama a plenty and a whole mess of in fighting in sub forums that previosly were actually very much on topic and very much useful.
  9. The ommission of GD is no accident. It's a decision to try and focus the community into only talking about things that are positive and useful. But then you have no community chatter, you have no community.
  10. Where is General Discussion ? Where do newbies post asking for help ? Where do the non specific questions go ? Seriously, there needs to be a general catch or the off topic chatter will just flood every other topic and every other thread. You also loose a significant source of whats buzzing in the community 'right now', just because you have taken that community away doesn't mean there is no now longer a buzz. It's sill going to exist, it will just happen in places that you can not see, one more way to alienate your customers. "Don't talk about fight club" is not a good basis for policy !!
  11. Yeah, No General forum, linear .. It's better than the old system technically, but you just ripped the heart out of the community. It's alsmost as if you don't want us talking about Second Life or something.
  12. As a paying customer, I have nothing but hope in the future of LL right now. Good vibes are at an all time high, sure there are still work to do and some of it will be just as hard for us as is for the staffers, but you know what; Collectivly as a community we moaned our backsides off last year and it didnt help, we want a better lab, lets start by trying to be a better community so they will come get involved again. Invoking Chicken Little does nothing to help anyone. We're all emotionally invested in SL, very very very much so. I truely love this place, and while osme changes really have been crushing, others have made for a richer and more dynamic world, and the sooner we stop looking in the wrong end of the telescope and remeber why we all log in as much as we do the better. SL is one huge silver lining, HTML based profiles are basically a doodle in the corner that will undergo many revisions and if we can all work together they could be a very very welcome addition. I don't like this "bin it and go away" is not helpful. Make them faster and smaller is helpful.
  13. Damn, where is a button when you need one *runs like hell*
  14. There is one thing I'm noticing from a lot of the comments. "I don't use facebook" Perhaps that should read "I don't use facebook because I use Second Life" Why do I need a social networking website when I have a virtual world?
  15. Hello. I like SL and all the exciting posabilities it provides. I started using Viewer 2.3 and had a good expereince with it. I upgraded to 2.4 and then 2.5 However, in 2.5, I am having major issues with the new profiles option. My system is a 1.8 Ghz solo core on XP with a good graphics card. It ran SL fine before, but these web profiles are very unreliable and slow. It can take as much as 30 seconds to a minute for a profile to come up. This is because after 20-30 seconds to see if it might load, it will often fail and then I have to stop it and refresh. I have an 8 Kbps internet connection and no problem browsing with Internet Explorer or Firefox. It is just this problem with viewer 2.5. You should try a V1 viewer like phoenix. Search and profile results are almost instant. for me, 4 Seconds is to long for me to wait, 30, I would be in tears.
  16. my MOTHER found my profile and called my CRYING HER EYES OUT because I have an SL dad, she thought I freaking ABANDONED HE https://my.secondlife.com/SoraKobayashi.Nightfire Really ... really really? Web profiles do not display picks when viewed outside of SL. Drama fail.
  17. The same goes with Viewer 2, but Linden Lab insists on this being the standard Viewer, and probably the mandatory one in a short time. Let me say this as clearly and succinctly as possible: Linden Lab has no plans to make any single viewer (2 or any other) mandatory. We don't have any plans to make any such plans. But you're planning on depreciating services that V1 depends on to remain functional, in effect forcing us to use V2 in some form. So while it's strictly true you are not going to enforce the official client over a TPV, you are enforcing a switch over to V2. So you can be as semantic as you like, but when you guys turm off V1 search and in world profile data, you have in actuallity made a viewer codebase mandatory. V2 is still V2, it doesn't matter at that point what flavour is it is. Yes, progress, we all get that. Please get that before V2 can be sucessful you have nail a post-it to someone in HR that reads "Hire a usability & user interface expert". Personally, I want to like V2, I keep wanting to like it. The simply rubbish web based search and (now) web based profiles are not helping. The biggest kick in the pants is the whole 10fps slower V2 is! There is a direct corolation between the labs internal obsession with metrics and the decline in resident communication. Your statistics are all very pretty, but not one of them can tell you if we're happy.
  18. Yes, it's a royal mess. That's why so many of us wanted to get it done and over with at the same time as LL was already doing it for the Zindra disaster. We could have pretended it was like WoW's Cataclysm and made something good and long lasting out of a one-time hassle. But no, LL knows best. So now to make things safe and functional we have to go through that entire mess yet again (because those who knew best didn't have the foresight of a mole). The Zindra fiasco was intended to hide all the freaky adults, that's why they didnt seperate the other regions at the same time. Community feedback was ignored as being irrelavent to the behind the scenes reason for what was going on, we got fed a load of spin when really they should have just said "Enterprise is failing to take off, we think it's the porn."
  19. Yet another reason for staying away from viewer 2. Why do LL keep not fix the real problems - such as lag? They are fixing the lag that they can fix, but lag is such a huge boiler plate term for what amounts to many many many individual issues, and you can suffer from any number of them at any time. Thy will never be able to make the lag just vanish, but they can refine what they do to limit it as much as possible.
  20. Beyond all that, I think that moving profiles to the web is a great idea, I'm just disappointed by the execution so far. Having decent profiles on the web that show the same information as in world is a big plus, but what works on one medium doesn't work on the other. Same data displayed relevant to the context it is being used in please !
  21. I can haz web-baseage for teh inventory also, plz? Please don't tempt them, because it wont be in addition to in world inventory, it will be in place of, and that will suck the royal wazzoo.
  22. Also not really happy with the web based profiles. Load too slow. Oh? 4 seconds isn't bad at all considering... Concidering that is pushing 8 times slower that V1 (sim depending), V1 loads profiles pretty much bam, instant. no waiting at all. Web based are slower under the very best conditions, when your client is on a go slow because you're in the middle of a crowd at some IN-WORLD shindig .. result .. I wont read profiles, net result, I just lost profiles When it's faster to look up a profile by keeping a brower open and alt tabbing, it's not fit for purpose.
  23. Would now be a bad time to mention that the in SL web browser engine is dead dog slow, or should I have mentioned that when you guys switched to a browser engine based search interface (you know .. the one thats soooo popular and a key reason why we're all not using V2). You have hobbled my ability to use profiles in favor of something that makes for pretty screenshots. TL:DR - It's to slow and clunky, make FASTER.
  24. When people post about about some issue, they are not "a small percentage of the population" What they actually are is "a small percentage of the people who are exercised about the issue" The problem is the sheer volume created by the vocal minority, it can be impossible to tell exactly what youre supposed to be doing. As you point out two people arguing in a JIRA or the forums on the blog can be indictive of the silent majority. Two people have a cat fight here could well indicate an issue that splts the community, and as such is best just left to rot. What the lab needs is a way to filter the noise and resolve user dicusssions into simple, defined, actionable items. I keep harping on about this, but SHINY ALPHA TEXTURES is a good example of exactly the communication the lab and its customers need to strive towards. I mean, it would be really useful to the residents, it's not going to change the world and its easy to action. We ask for something, the Lab provides, win win win and more win. Debating the pro's and con's of anything just causes confusion and clouds the issue, debate kills progress and leave the lab staffers confused about what they should be doing to create that win win win relationship. It's easy to bitch about the lab not listening, but they are in the impossible position of trying to listen to a mob, half of which want X, the other half hate X and the other half will be deeply morally outraged eitherway. Add to that one person offering a 3rd party solution to the problem, someone else selling sculpted pitchforks and she who shall not be named going off on a ranting screed about something not related to anything and you can get an idea from the Lab staff's perspective. In a way we the residents have mucked things up, not the lab. Moan and moan and mona about all the new shiny and non of the things we really wanted. Yet at the same time keeping the fact we fraking love shiny totally secret. Good examples : Flexiprims, sculpts, windlight, llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast !! The lab's job is to add shiny, they will always strive to improve the relability & fix what doesn't work, sometimes thats actually the hardest part of the job and the slowest. So a new toy every now and then is exactly the boost they need to keep motivated on the bigger harder slog and exactly the excuse we need to sod off, leave them to work in peace and go create something with the new toy. So, in keeping with the theme of a new era of communicaton that is the intention with this blog post. SHINY ALPHA TEXTURES !! (how cool would that be)
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