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  1. I have tried to use viewer 2.0 and firestorm too but its of no use. I have even tried to check my ping and packet drops came out clean. Also I ran anti malware still no issues. tried turning off firewall but no use. This problem started around 5 days ago. But if i log into some place know as fur or something like that there is no problem at all with me and i can tp around a few times after i been there and all my problems are solved. but its irritating to login to that place every few mins after i get automatically logged out. Apart from that when SL is on no other website can be opened it alw
  2. Thanks was looking for such a place to blog about . Really Thanks a ton !
  3. Thanks for the advice actually since I did not my blog to turn into a cheap tabloid I queried abt it here ... Because I can't actually walk upto someone and say .. "hey so you have an adopted kid ? " "How did feel to be a parent ? " Specially because non of the people in my touch have ever adopted ...but you are true I should wait a bit more and research a bit more abt it . Thanks for your guidance
  4. Greetings, I am one of the 1000s of bloggers in Second life. I recently been to a few adoption places and decided to blog about it. But as I am planning to meet my sl gf and all ... you clearly get the idea that deciphering adoption is not really my cup of tea. So I would really appreciate if some of you who have adopted kids or parents :mantongue: provide me atleast a bit of insight about it ? All I would like to know what makes some couples adopt another person ? Is it not possible that some adult person just roleplays as kid so that he can't sustain his lifestyle in SL without paying ? Ho
  5. I have an idea for you... i invest in second life stock exchange... SLCAPEX. Its not like a bank but it also gives you guaranteed returns... and I along with other thousands of people will be glad to prove it ! I had started with 10L and within 5 weeks I had around 300L$ even though I don't have any idea about investments . .(actually to be honest, I started in SLCAPEX just to get a bit of knowledge of stock market ) For more information you can see this link http://www.bohemiantourist.com/2011/11/15/capital-exchange-in-second-life-another-way-to-get-rich/ Hope you find it useful and ge
  6. Looking for a job which you can do anytime anywhere inworld ? No need for camping,registering,clicking,waiting to be tipped by customers. Who am I looking for ? Any person who has the confidence to talk to various people.Ready to work independently as per their choice.This is a position which is solely based on work force so even if you are reading this after 1-6 months or maybe more please do not hesitate to contact. There is no avatar criteria you can be a furry or a demon or a child avatar or just a new resident looking for jobs. Payment will be 100L$ per week per contract till the contr
  7. really nice site improving the theme could do wonders too
  8. I have seen a few people speaking ill of others on their personal blogs. Is that breaking TOS ? Actually I wanted to know it because I have been to lots of places for my blog and and not all have been polite..most just kind of think me as a critic or so and just instantly kick me out.. I never bothered to defame their sim on the blog to avoid drama ..but i did see a few other people making fun of people on their blog and calling them stupid etc.. is that breaking the TOS ?
  9. I used to have the same problem too. For taking body shots what I prefer to do is take the picture and edit it. While editing zoom in the picture. After zooming in just select the particular section of the picture you would like to focus on. Eg just zoom around 20% and then select the picture.. then save it as a new pic and there you go.. a good close up of the body. Presuming that you use phoenix go for the custom size .. the size of your monitor screen.If you want contact me inworld.. I aint a guru but I will try my best to help you
  10. The above answers are correct get the keylogger scanner and run it. But also my friend had the same problem and we had to get Anti Malware for him. Sometimes because the keyloggin program might be encapsuled in another file as simple as a gif or notepad document. I personally use this http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_pro . Use the free version and you are good to go Been using this for over 1 year. Actually the thing is every antivirus or anti malware software have a security hole in them no matter what. So its better to be safe then sorry. Anti malware is used by mostly co
  11. SL old viewer is not recognizing your graphics card in laptop. 1 thingcould try to do.. which might work only if you have a great quality motherboard is to get an emulator. Its used by gamers to run games of other platform or older version. Again it might not work but nothing wrong in trying. 1 thing you could try is before loging in-world when the login menu is shown.. go to the preferences tab and try to to make graphics ultra low. SL might also freeze if you don't have enough ram.
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