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  1. To remove another owner of a group, you must be the Group Founder or have had the rights to the group turned over to you officially by the Group Founder via contact with LL Support. If you are are the founder or can claim this ownership, you need to place a ticket into LL support and ask them to demote that person or persons in your group to the status of member. It is then up to you to kick that member from the group. LL will not do that part for you.
  2. The Intel® HD Graphics 4000 isn't a very good graphics card for SL and has known issues. A Google Search will bring up a slew of complaints regarding this graphics card. http://goo.gl/h9DLmO
  3. Management will have to consult with the older Lindens still on staff to find out why residents are so upset before they can make a statement to us or Virwox. The older Lindens are the only ones who know how the hell things work. It's ridiculous that it takes so long for PayPal after all these years. LL has a handful of people that are building and maintaining the world while management rushes around shoving napkins and pieces of cardboard under things that are wobbling and falling apart because they don't know how to do anything else except to find trivial little games that titillate them and pull talent aside to waste time on that nonsense.
  4. You can still file a support ticket although there is no LiveChat. I filed a report and although it took awhile. the ticket was answered and the region is back online.
  5. Region owners should be able to initiate a restart from the dashboard interface. It has only been requested by residents for five years now so maybe it will happen soon. Like another two years.
  6. 2003 Members only get a tier break if they paid for a Charter Membership.
  7. If you set your object to be sold and another person buys it within the brief period that the object is set at 10L$, you should not expect help because this sort of thing happens so often that there simply isn't the time or staff to deal with such incidents. There are plenty of tutorials and information available to residents with regard to selling items properly and safely. You should taken the object into inventory and set the price there before placing it down for purchase.
  8. We really love our residents and we are listening but we are taking away all the tools whereby we listened to you and replacing them with tools that allow you to see how confused we are about what it is that residents want and need without any comment or suggestion from you. Yeah... THAT'S a good tool.
  9. Love you Jack. Will miss you much, man! Be well and take good care!
  10. Until StarLight can kill the lame bottom bar and the ridiculous Cartoon Corner, it's just painting over rust. Of course the Lindens have to fix what they have totally screwed up for that to happen. Screwing up the Communications Tools and trying to patch up the lack of an option to disable the address bar entirely so that land descriptions and options appear in the window header is the largest part of what makes V2 so ugly, bulky and inefficient. Their halfass solution to the address bar "option" is to allow the address bar to close while tossing another shorter bar up on your screen to take its place. The idea is that we wanted the damn thing out of the way, not back on the friggin' screen! No one ever had difficulty using Instant Messages in Second Life, ever. A new resident could message and ask for help in instant message the split second they rezzed in. If any change or option should have been placed into the Communication Tools it might be the ability to separate group chats into a window apart from personal chats with an option for residents to disable group chats entirely if they wished. Otherwise, the fact that they laid a finger on the Communications Tools and the fact that they persist in pursuing such an inadequate and inefficient design should speak volumes to everyone in Second Life about what can be expected when they finally tell us this broken down jalopy is finished. Sad to see your good themes go to waste.
  11. Some improvements but still megalame.
  12. Increasing groups inworld is just increasing issues inworld. Groups should be for object and land management. Notices, subscriptions, chat and announcements need to leverage the dashboard on the web site to deliver such content, giving residents the option to enable or disable any or all of the above at their discretion. The dashboard was heralded as providing widgets at some point that would allow this to take place and once again, a 180 degree turn is taken and something started is something kicked into the dustbin. It appears increasingly obvious that the only thing adhered to vehemently are the projects that residents have disapproved of resoundingly and that's not a good thing. Not good at all. The war against lag is a step in the right direction. Everyone is in agreement on that, but why get a handle on the issue only to nullify it with additional groups? Region Owners have asked for an addition to the dashboard that will allow them to manage banlists and change estate settings from the web site for years now. No real mention is made of the Lab doing anything about that here other than a possibility of APIs in the future. With projects and plans taking 180 degree turns with great consistency (improved default walk, speech gesture, pushes toward education and inworld music resources - all of which were heralded and announced on the blog with great fanfare) where are the assurances that these current plans aren't simply another cry of "Wolf!"?
  13. I recall in one of the earlier threads on Mesh, one of the NDA test participants was kind enough to create and offer to everyone a normal looking Human avatar as a rigged mesh, UV-mapped to match the normal avatar UV mapping, and with materials zones that matched the normal avatar. Where can that be downloaded? http://goo.gl/WpfL
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