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  1. I pay 120 USD a year in premium membership, but to get a house worth looking at, I have to click and refresh for hours on end? Pretty frustrating.
  2. In fact, as much as I love Second Life it becomes increasingly less usable. Rezz now takes a good 15 inutes before I can see everything, and trying to build or put things out is a mess, I'm rezzing invisible prims. My system is very strong, and I've been in SL long enough to notice the decline. Is this their way of driving us to the new game when it comes out? So many times now, I come online, and after a short time, give up and find something else to do.
  3. Is it that I misunderstand or is this truly the worst piece of marketing I'ver ever seen? You announce to your customers that everything they have purchased and will purchase in the year to come will soon be obsolete? Already people are dumping sims. Is this suicide on the part of Linden Labs? I am astonished.
  4. I've had ongloing issues with rezzing items and inventory over the past week now. It's not only me, but others I know. Is there any hope of resolution for this? It's been very frustrating as I m in the process of building several sims.
  5. Well th e support here, which is not very supportive will tell you, clear cache, use their viewer. You know, the Viewer two, which doesn't even allow you to see your screen for all the junk? I've had this issue for three weeks. I can get no help. My advice? Try a new game
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