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  1. Premium members see a "get your home now" yellow button on the right side of their dashboard when they log into their account in a browser. It takes them to https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php and you can check availability of homes. At the moment, only the older homes on 512 plots are available, but I am told if you keep checking, others become available regularly
  2. Guilty as charged. Guess I expected a gold star or something for having been a denizen of the world for so long -- my bad 🙄 It's rather like when you are renting an apartment in RL for $1500 only to find out that a new resident can have the exact same apartment for $1200. Not exactly fair, but that's the way that it is. IMNSHO, FWIIW: LL underestimated the desire for a larger packet of land with a higher permitted prim count then they had previously provided as a perk, as well as designing it to entice more folks into becoming new premium members, and was totally blindsided by the resulting land stampede. Maybe they should come up with some sort of renewal perk when the annual premium membership comes due?
  3. Actually? I do think that the length of time one has been a resident and a Premium member should be relevant, and releases should be staggered to take into account not only these factors but time zones. I have seen the update about the auto-refresh debacle, but not when new items are available. In my off-work hours I intermittently refresh the available land.
  4. I have been in SL for for 14 years and a Premium member since they rolled out the program. Okay, so I was at work and missed the land rush when the new region opened up and didn't get a houseboat. But the last update from Patch Linden was back in April -- four months ago. This is obviously a very popular perk of being a Premium member, so why hasn't there been more updates letting us know about any progress that is being made?
  5. I am more than a little annoyed about this -- I actually got a docking slip as soon as I got home from work, but when I got in world, there was no houseboat! Nothing I did made one materialize, so I opened a ticket that didn't get an answer. So I abandoned it, and the houseboat option was gone. UPDATE: I get a stock answer on the support ticket telling me to be patient:
  6. The ads that I am getting is some cheesy offer to evaluate my gold -- a banner at the top of my dashboard adn along the right hand side I don't think I would mind the advertising as much if it was .... classier? ... safer looking? I mean really, this site looks like something I wouldn't click on for any reason!
  7. 1. How long have you been playing second life? I first joined the beta grid back in 2003, but on dial up it was an excruciating experience that I quickly terminated. My oldest avatar has been a resident of SL since 12.05.05 2. How often do you play second life? *sighs a little at the reiteration of the word "play" and quietly states that I am an immersionist* This is my 2nd Life and I am in world as often as my schedule permits, 3-5 hours in the evening on weekdays and a whole lot on seekends and holidays. 3. Why did you begin playing second life? Curiosity. 4. What do you gain from second life that you can’t get from reality? Social networking and connections that I cannot form in RL. The ability to RP and fantaxize
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