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  1. I have literally tried everything to stop, I was fine when i came in, i went around SL, i shopped i did not put anything new on, i went to the hair store i normally go to, i tried on many hairs, and then i deleted all demos.. i have been in SL over 11 years, this has NEVER once happened to me. I'm doing the ugly monkey dance, i cannot stop, i tried clearing cache, i did the ipconfig /flushdns that did not work, i cleared cache twice? i did all the caches, i've rebooted 4 times in a row, i tried stopping and revoking any active animations, i tried stopping animations by force - worked for all of 2 seconds then back to ugly monkey dance - I am FAR from a monkey I assure you... and I tried puting my belly dance hud on, and turning on and off, nothing worked, still did ugly monkey dance -- there is NO FIRESTORM AO on my viewer, nothing active, i use the expensive TUTY's ao, and that was detached - my collar detached - I do NOT have RLV enabled on my viewer at all, advanced is set, i'm an advanced user, i checked all debug settings, i have taken off all my clothing, i hit detach all, i hit DERUTH in avatar and avatar health, and i still as RUTH, danced ugly monkey, so all your "help suggestions --- sucked. I need real answers on what to do, this is BS. i have zero mesh on, and nothing on at all except my system crap, and i'm ugly and doing ugly monkey dance, no ao's on, NOTHING ON ME AT ALL! WTF!
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