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  1. To be frank the assumptions that a newbie would understand what channel 0 is just looking at it is a bit of a stretch. And I’m not trying to be offensive about that. It’s just that typically the viewer doesn’t prefix your nearby chat box with /0 every time you say something. It’s a usually unseen thing. The newbie types into the box and it goes somewhere. The default script they may come across does put green text into the same place but the distinction will only be learned when they learn what the 0 or the integer for the functions definition actually is and why it’s important to it. That information comes from any number of other sources. For all they know until then they might suppose it means how many meters it's going to say it and learn later that's not the case. PUBLIC_CHANNEL is English readable and doesn’t have pretence or hidden contexts. It’s a literal statement. It *is* the public channel. It’s in capitals for easy readability. It’s format is the same as other constants they will learn later, that they will have to convert to numbers themselves to maintain their own style - or be hotmess about it. So far not a lot has changed and it’s been mildly safe. But if the environment decides to break from starting at 0 for whatever reason in any years to come there’d be tears before bedtime. Lep’s reference to wiki functionality is a viable case argument. The wiki is available and its usefulness isn’t impacted by where someone first learns. It’s only impacted by its own usability. I must observe, having it linkable to its further information is indispensable.
  2. steph Arnott wrote: So whats the point of all this? If setting a memory limit is not thought out well and allowences made, it is a pointless excersise, becouse the memory will revert back to the full 64Kb. Yes the wiki makes mention of several cases where the limit won't change, or conditions where the script memory will be at 64K. Do you mean that in your case, you've found other conditions than what they've described?
  3. RoboGrip wrote: Could I asign that last thing it said to a string and make it check the string before "speaking" again? You can assign strings to a variable. You can test the contents of a variable. Yes.
  4. Innula Zenovka wrote: [...] Your idea for hiding the animated texture won't work, I'm afraid. What you are doing there is stopping it,not hiding it. [...] Your idea is great. I'm just going to take a moment to point out that actually the idea of hiding the animated texture would work. Semantically we're not "hiding" the animation as you've correctly pointed out, stopping it instead. Which is why it is stopped on a transparent frame - which gives the effect of "hiding it" in the traditional sense of setting a transparent texture. I'm pretty sure that idea would work, as in the past I've played around with abusing the animation function for a texture atlas on a dummy HUD. It was a little buggy to get right, might not be all that efficient in the way I was doing it, but it does work. By using texture frames I didn't have to worry about calculating UV offsets for that experiment. Of course there are some downsides in the texture use depending on the project. Thus your idea is pretty great.
  5. Sorry was I reading the OP list wrong then, I thought JSON's getfree memory had more memory(free) reported every time up there. Which is which? Edit: Or did Pete mean relative to off-world processing?
  6. Does your design handle the situation when someone asks someone else other than you to follow without saying their name? Just a design problem consideration. Though you've probably got some kind of switch in there already.
  7. Rolig Loon wrote: Thank you, Leprekhaun. That's a nice start (and a LOT of work!). Unfortunately, I think documentation for the LSL implementation of JSON is going to have to take a step backwards from where you started. Your lovely discussion assumes that the reader is a programmer who already knows what JSON is and why you might want to use it. Sooner or later, someone is going to have to write a discussion for intelligent non-professionals that begins at Square One. I have a feeling that it's probably going to be easier to explain with actual diagrams rather than a verbal description of a tree/node system. This may also help those looking to grasp JSON before diving into the LSL implementation discussion; Stack Overflow: What is JSON and why would I use it?
  8. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: For inter-sim communication you will need to use llEmail() (slow and not necessarily reliable) or llHTTPRequest()/llHTTPResponse(). The added complication is that this will only update the one donation box with the total amount. All the others would either have to constantly poll the server (lazy polling, around 30s should be fine) or have their own URLs so the server can update them all as required. There's less traffic that way but you need more URLs and the server has to maintain a list of 'live' donation boxes. If you were handling more than one sim, wouldn't you merge what Rolig Loon does and only have one HTTP handler per sim? Assuming so far you meant litterally all boxes.
  9. When I was looking more deeply into LSL on a flight of fancy a couple of years ago, I ran into Void Singer's user page. I read some of her coding examples and read why she codes the way she codes (and it inspired me). Then I read the discussion page, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User_talk:Void_Singer#Re:_Formatting_.5Btopic_added_by_Void_due_to_page_reordering.5D . When it comes to readibility I can not understand why someone "puts their foot down" about verbose instructions that are easy to read and understand. Where the opening brace stands has a practical function depending on how a given text editor handles opening braces; that's fine. Arguing Complaining that something is easy to read, is counter productive. "I'm sorry the sweat of your brow isn't flowing enough for this code to be of value, this is Suduku in hard mode, friend." I'm sure communication has to be important when not writing for oneself. Shared code isn't just for compiling, it's for communicating an authored idea and solution to a described problem. We're selling that an idea and solution is fitting and able to be produced and maintained well.
  10. Void Singer wrote: it was due to object update status IIRC, which forced updates not only to all viewers, but the assest server as well at one point (I think... it's been a few years since the topic came up). which doesn't quite happen the same way any more. Awesome, thank you for following that up Void
  11. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Most of the individual prim-editing functions have a built-in delay, for some unfathomable reason, which caused all sorts of awkward work-arounds. LL - hoorah for Kelly :-) - gave us a new function in the 'efficient scripts' project: Ha, beat me. What was unfathomable thing about the delay? I don't think I was around for that at the time. Is the delay able to mitigate any resource effect of multiple prims changing parameters on a rapid basis (such as a loop) or did it give no real benefit?
  12. You can achieve that using the primitive paramaters function here or the linked primitive parameaters function here. Making use of PRIM_TEXTURE will deal with the repeats and offsets from a single function and PRIM_COLOR will handle the tinting.
  13. Is it really what ranks are doing to us or what we do to ranks? I substitute rank with occupation, a reflection of what a user spends their effort towards. It is, though, nice to have a friend to hang with and have a laugh or two. I hope you get him back
  14. Unti Kamala wrote: "a single-name login plus a separate display name makes SL feel more like a social networking site, like a web forum or Twitter, than a (secondary) world." But it is a social networking site, in 3D. Interactive virtual chat worlds don't stop being social networking sites and become some other mythical awe inspiring event that legends are told about just because it's a little different skin deep. We have avatars that make friends and explore and create and sell together - it's all about the social networking unless you're more of an introvert like myself. It's its own brand of social networking but that doesn't make it unlike all the others.
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