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  1. @Aquila Kytori wow amazing thank you for this!! I was going down this road in cycles, but I didn't think to use the texture coordinate node! I was driving myself a little crazy myself trying to figure out how to do it in cycles. I was messing with the Geometry node position output which was getting me ... something but with the colors mapped not quite right. Tried remapping them but nothing was turning out quite right ( tho I do feel my method might eventually work with some fixes) but this is so very close enough for my needs it's great!!! thank you!!! @Wulfie Reanimatorthank you f
  2. Primstar might be a good option, thanks. Also thanks for the tip to check Outworldz, but they didn't have what I needed either. I could make it in mesh, but I don't think it wouldn't be worth it LI wise for what I want it for. It's a large background decorative element that won't be interacted with closely or need physics but with a round lumpy shape. Doesn't need materials. Im probably going to try it in mesh to see if I can get anything worth it at a low LI but also Im a glutton for punishment and so I might still try to find a method to make a sculpt. 😁
  3. Hi, everybody 🤩 I know Blender decently well and SL pretty well. I create mesh in Blender and in the far far past even created a few sculpties in my time in some of the older sculpt programs, and one or two with the blender plugin many many versions and eons ago. I have a project with a need for some big soft mushy decorative objects and I'm trying to keep things low prim and so I thought: perfect use for a sculptie. But how to make one now? I tried searching marketplace for a full perm sculpt map to suit my needs, no luck so far. And I'm having no luck in google or forum searc
  4. Thank you both for the replies and the information! The physics thing is something I'm still new at, but want to make sure I get right because the ability do it wrong and cause more lag than necessary (and add to the LI of course). I do need to take some time with the references on the physics pane and all the options. I usually just hit analyze and that's it, the times I hit simplify it seemed to make a mess of things previously, will have to try it with the box method now.
  5. So I'm trying to get a handle on physics shapes best practices. By custom I'm referring to making them in Blender along with your mesh model and LOD versions. I've seen in a few threads about how people use boxes that are not touching and would love some more info on this, for example how far away should the boxes be? Is it more important to keep it simple with boxes than to simply have the lowest tri's like in LOD versioning? I do remember reading that when it comes to physics Havoc loves boxes so I am guessing that's the rationale behind this? My other questions surrounding this are: -Bo
  6. There are many possibilites why, but not enough information to conclude anything. What size is your image, what size is your object, what exactly looks "wrong" about it? Perhaps include a picture, and a bit more description about what you expect or want to see compared to how it looks in SL. Does the image look okay before upload?
  7. I'm recently picking Blender back up after a stint away so I went straight for 2.59. So glad the bone weight script is updated now. I'm still looking for the 2.49ish version (updated obviously) Reduce Polygons script for 2.5 (not decimate) that keeps UV's intact. Does that exist? Or are there some other ways people are helping the LOD process along (additionally to the manual process of course)
  8. Shift select in outliner isn't working for me either. What system? I'm Mac 10.6. And YAY for this script and everyone's help getting it running, thanks!!
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