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  1. It seems like Remnants of Earth at least has the potential to be something like what you're looking for. It's a sci-fi western with canonical furry, human, and other races. It also has an extensive HUD system with credits and an inventory, and seems to be designed for someone who wants to simulate playing a profession in a wild, often unlawful and dangerous (but exciting!) universe. Seems very tabletop inspired. https://www.remnantsofearth.com/index.php Unfortunately, I cannot personally say what the place is like because I never get around to roleplaying there - I just stare at the pr
  2. Sorry to necro, but I figure a few weeks isn't too long... I don't know if gay is your scene, but if you're willing to RP a male and/or in an anime-inspired setting, have you tried Wilde College or Mugen Kuppuku? I'm not sure if they really fit what you're looking for, but they are male-dominated schools that give the impression of not being JUST there for sex. Seems to be hard to find dudes, or even just people playing them, on SL in general.
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