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  1. Yeah adblock no longer works, gotta figure out a way around that on my end. Using firebug to disect the page code.
  2. debug settings "RenderUnloadedAvatar" set to "True" may help you out to maybe see whats not loading right.
  3. Had the same problem on a fresh install of Linux Mint 11. Thought I may have to install the "non-free" Nvidia drivers from the site (ie not the auto downloaded ones)... never got that to work though AMD Phenom quad 2.68ghz 4gb DDR2 at 1133mhz Solid state 60gb drive 280 GTX Black Edition
  4. So I am having trouble with scripts that display the name of people around you in a LLDialog button. My partners name is "NightingaleShadow Littlebird" which is too many characters to put into a button. So I get an error everytime she is around and it crashes the script. Usually I can find ways around it if it is a one time thing like making sure she is the only one around and editing the script so all buttons say "1" or some random word. Then I click on it and it chooses her. So anyway I was working with a freebie muzzle script and kept getting that error. And my usual tri
  5. I agree take a week where you don't have much going on and keep with it and you won't be sorry. Or even download V2 and the Starlight skin for it. Or try my fav viewer 2 variant Catznip Viewer as it has the starlight skin pre installed (on first boot change the skin to "Starlight" then restart SL). Even try Firestorm orhttp://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&host=www.google.com&sa=X&ei=_G2KTenIOceB0QHGvsj_DQ&ved=0CBMQBSgA&q=kristen%27s+sl+viewer&spell=1' target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Kristen's Viewer.
  6. Sometimes this message can appear because either. 1. Graphics Drivers are not installed or up to date. 2. Obsecure or very recent graphics cards that do not fall under the "accepted cards" even though they should play SL just fine. 3. Specs are indeed too low. Place to download drivers for your exact card http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook-win7-winvista-266.58-whql-driver.html
  7. Are you talking about the magic word "Xyzzy" from Colossal Cave Adventure... or Xyzzy as a command in a text based OS or console on a PC? or as in alt.xyzzy?
  8. I have been actually rather happy with the progress going on with Mesh. Office hours and new updates every so often. I would hate to have them roll it out to the main grid after I and many other people have uploaded many things only to find I have to reupload them at an actual L$ cost to me, or even worse have to redesign the meshes from scratch cause they do not work with a rushed main grid update after the initial rollout. Just my two cents...
  9. Just tested out editing my profile on Catznip (viewer 2.4 with some extras installed) and it let me put 498 characters in it before it wouldn't let me add anymore... It also literally won't let me add more as it makes that SL error thump sound. On the new update (clean from LL site) 2.5.2 i think it is. I get this happening. So I don't know whats up.
  10. $60 laptop cooling system is on sale until 3:00 PST/SLT for $35 with free shipping http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834994097
  11. Very cool idea for a group. I would love to see more groups like this that incorporate many designers. *joined*
  12. I would suggest anything from a 9800 GTX and up (Really only know how Nvidia cards run on SL). I am running a 280 GTX with a quad core CPU and a wired ethernet connection. Can get some really great framerates up to 45 FPS even running at 1920x1200 resolution. Though the more that is going on screen the slow it goes but rarely below 20 FPS. Draw is usually at 200 meters. Anyway be careful as to get a solid card... the more you stay away from things like 210-240 GT's the better... some of those cards are just rebranded 8800's. If I was you and I wanted a card that would be good for years to co
  13. Thanks will have to check this out.
  14. Ceera.Murakami wrote: 2.x still takes more mouse clicks and time to do common tasks, and still makes things like looking at multiple profiles at once completely impossible. Multiple Profile Floater Windows as well as friends and inventory
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