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  1. kewl, I am glad you could solve your problem :-) Welcome Back... :-)
  2. Did you check your E-Mail including the Spam-Folder? For some reason Windows Mail dropped Lindenlab-Support Mails into the Spam Folder. This also happens sometimes with other E-Mail Providers. If Lindenlab going to disable an account they first send email where you have to respond. Now this could be a problem now. Usually E-Mail providers delete Spam mails after some days from your Spam folder. If somebody reports you, the lab allways give you a chance to tell your sight of the issue, befor they decide to disable your account permanently. If i am remember right, a dissabled or deleted account will be stored for 6 Month in the database, to restore the account. And if your viewer says just something like: "Your unable to conect to secondlife......" the region where you wanna go is down or deleted. Try to change the destination to another region. Maybe the region of a friend. In your Login screen go to Edit/Preferences GeneralTab --> Show Start Position in Login screen.
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