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  1. Oh SPLENDID!! I just d/l'd the new improved knock your socks off veiwer on my laptop and I can't open it because it only runs on 32bit setting!!!! Dammit!!! My lappy doesn't HAVE a 32 bit setting!! NOW what am I supposed to do? What on earth are you blathering about? If you are running 64 bit Windows it runs 32 bit applications fine. SL has always been provided as a 32 bit binary, and that includes TPV's. You may find some 64 bit Linux builds but thats about it. BTW, a 64 bit app is not necessarily better. They will consume more memory due to larger pointers.
  2. Why on earth are you wanting to open port 80 or port 443? SL is NOT a web server and you sure dont need https (thats what 443 is for) open. You shouldn't open ports randomly. If you install SL normally then rules are added to the windows firewall anyway.
  3. There are no such things as PNG textures. All textures are converted to jpg2000. PNG that cause glitches are due to the alpha channel issue. If a texture is not supposed to have transparency DONT uploaded textures from a PNG
  4. Looks like this will never work for me unless they host servers in Aussie then which is a bit sad. I get pings over 200 ms to the USA using pingtest.
  5. I would guess it would be more secure as you are not actually rendering anything in the web browser. If SL had always been like this then copybots could not exist.
  6. So a person who lives in the U.S., who has been a member of SL for 6 years, who has a quad core computer, high-level graphics card and 6.5 mpbs cable internet-- for some reason "doesn't qualify" to test the system. Seriously? Yeah yeah yeah, we all know you've been here for yonks. I doubt they are selecting individuals from that page anyway, just some misterious system requirements. My guess is that they have a limited number of connections BUT they are wanting to demo the page as it will finally appear. I agree it would be nice if they were a bit more specific as to what are the requirements as it does just tend to piss people off.
  7. Instead of amusing yourself, try rereading the post. If you got a Join button then you didn;t qualify (for some unknown random reason) if you got an Explore then you did.
  8. If you look at the mesh project you will notice that included with that is a change in the maximum size of the prim to 64x64x64
  9. They have simply changed the naming scheme. I think its month.day.year.buildnumber
  10. "MOAP is indeed a great idea." No one goes for SL for reading webpages on a prim. And that´s the onyl benefit. Yeah, it´s a nice techie idea. But there are zillions of nice techie ideas whicha are...simply useless. Linden Lab has tons of them. MOAP can be used for much more than just displaying web pages in SL. As a prim itself can act as a web server it is possible to do interesting things like using text box forms for enering text, display scripttime generated text in all maner of fonts, etc.
  11. You should follow Kelly Linden's twitter. He's the one fixing that. This was on his twitter on 30th Sep Woot! Mono2 in SL serialization errors appear fixed! Time for QA!
  12. The move to XMPP sounds great. It will make the addition of SL chat to other IM clients much easier, perhaps even trivial! What would be really cool is if you could incorporate a gmail style chat interface on the dashboard for those of us that just want to chat without having to be inworld. I'm looking foward to the Mono bug being finally fixed. I havn't really noticed that moving the object rezzing onto a different thread helping things but its all good improvements. Keep up the good work.
  13. Before you start playing around with RLV and the #RLV folder you really need to read up on how it works. Check out Marines blog (http://realrestraint.blogspot.com) and in particular the sections on Object sharing Firstly .. modify permisions even if you are running a RLV client does not give anyone the ability to view your inventory. What RLV can allow is access to a special directory (#RLV) that you must create. Setting this up is not trivial so again, read up from Marine's blog. Scruffy
  14. My main account has been temp banned for a violation of the traffic gaming rules (fair enough you might think) I would of thought, that a parcel that is not listed in search would not pose a problem. It's not like i am a vendor, seller or nightclub owner. it is just a plot of land where myself & a few friends can change clothes and play our hud based game in peace. The plot itself has only a wall surrounding the perimeter at ground level, and a small office space at 3000 meters. ----------------------------------------- If what you are saying is true, why are you bothering to use bots to inflate your traffic? All that ends up doing is create lag. Something doesnt add up. Scruffy
  15. Baeric.Constantine wrote: Testing it with alts... right... get a security company in to do some proper testing then... and let us see what they have to say.... Sure .. go for it. Post the report I'd be quite interested to read it. By the sounds of it you haven't bothered to see what is actually shared with shared media.
  16. Doris.Haller wrote: Is it possible to completely turn off this feature in 2.0 ? What would be the impact (besides that I can't do online banking from SL anymore, lol)? Under the 'Sound & Media' tab in preferences uncheck 'Allow Media to Autoplay'. If you do that you can then chose to allow the shared media that you want display. Scruffy
  17. If you wish to blind yourself... that is your choice. I've tested it with alts. I suggest you do the same. Anything that requires you to enter a form with javascript is only displayed for the session that is entering it. Noone else sees it.
  18. Let me give you an example of how people would use this sort of information. Lets say I set up an IP logger in my store, and for the next month I record the IP address of everyone who enters my store. At the end of the month I perform an analysis on that data and find to my surprise that a surprising number of people visiting are from Germany. So I decide to translate my products to German and watch with joy as my sales increase. It all sounds so innocent BUT no one gave consent for me to collect their location information as they arrived at the store and THIS is breaking the TOS. Now, as an outsider would someone know I had done this? Not unless I was stupid and said something. But again just because its hard to prove doesn't not mean collecting this data is your right. Scruffy Message was edited by: SimonT Quinnell (fixed my spelling
  19. Linda.Spargel wrote: To clarify a little bit more: The texture on a prim is not the actual website, so to you it is just a graphical interpretation of a page from the website, it has no code or whatsoever behind it (unless off course the prim contains a script as well, this however should always be a script approved by Linden and the ToS). Hence it can not "know" your IP address until you actually physically make contact with that prim and then you will always be redirected to the actual website itself, only then will this website know your IP address. The prim itself can act as a webserver so it is relatively trivial to get an IP address into a LSL script.
  20. Ackley.Bing wrote: You're wrong. Here's your interpretation of the TOS: You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may harvest or collect any data or personal information about other users without their consent; According to your interpretation, no one should post media streams at all since IP#s are obtained automatically by them. That's not my intrepretation .. that is a quote fromt the TOS. IP addresses while available from a media stream, are not automatically stored and saved for later viewing. Doing that would be breaking the TOS. Remember just because somthing is technically possible DOES NOT make it right. Scruffy
  21. Baeric.Constantine wrote: There are major security issues in Viewer 2.0 that have NOT been resolved. Web on a prim does have many issues... just think about the passage of passwords, say you want to do online banking....As for finding IP addresses in viewer 2.0, that, from what I understand, is resoundingly easy with a script... and many have indeed posted on just such a thing in these fora. Ok .. now this is being a little silly. Remember that its just a web session displayed on a prim. Authentaticed sessions like you mention WILL NOT be visable to other people. All they will see is the logon page and nothing else. Scruffy
  22. Ackley.Bing wrote: Scruffy, if someone ABUSES your IP address and LL decides on their own that the evidince suggest abuse, then that's LLs call because the abuse might be against the TOS.BUT, theres no way you would even know someone has OBTAINED your IP address unless they reveal it somehow. Unless you're Psychic Scruffy. You have to provide REAL evidence that someone is obtaining your IP#. Even if it is occuring, you're going to lose a lot of sleep over proving this. Got any great new idea that will make IP addresses obsolete? You'll be a billionaire if you protect your idea before its COPIED. I dont particularly care if someone has my IP address. BUT it is against TOS to data mine. That section of the TOS is very clear and doesn't need any interpretation. Yes it will be hard to prove but just because somthing is hard to prove doesnt make it right. It's hard to tell if someone is copybotting .. so should we just say thats ok? Oh .. and as for this making being a DJ illegal .. well thats just silly ... unless you store all the ip addreses after the session for reference later. Then you would be breaking the TOS. Scruffy
  23. Using a media stream to find out someone's IP# is not against TOS. *Obtaining* this data is not against TOS! *Sharing* the info with others IS against TOS. I sugest you check the new TOS. There is a specific mention on data collection without consent. So it is against TOS to collect and store peoples IP addresses. The relivant section is 8.3 8.3 You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may be harmful, impede other users' functionality, invade other users' privacy, or surreptitiously or negatively impact any system or network. You agree to respect both the integrity of the Service and the privacy of other users. You will not: (i) Post or transmit viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer programming routines that may harm the Service or interests or rights of other users, or that may harvest or collect any data or personal information about other users without their consent; Scruffy
  24. Proabbly doesnt want his wife to see the payment to LL on the jointcredit card and wanted to use his secret card.
  25. There is a seperate 'temprez' allowance in sims. Temprezing wont cause you to not be able to rez to your standard prim allowance. But it is realy bad on sim performance. Each creation of an object has to happen in one simulation frame, and if you are rezzing large objects every 45 seconds you will get pauses in the sim. Temp-rezzers are generally bad and should be avoided if possible. And yes you can be AR'd for using them to cheat your prim allowance. Scruffy
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