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  1. The Lindens have already replied, 19 hours after creating the ticket and minutes after updating, saying they have "run a script" to fix it. I was directed to a low lag sim (Welsh) where I appeared with a default avi. Following their directions I flushed the cache and relogged, then stayed logged in for about 2 hours. I am able to change my looks again and right now everything looks good. Will have to test everything, though.
  2. I have a very similar problem. I can see myself only as a boiling orange cloud but other people can see me. I cannot detach attachments, and when I change my outfit, the new attachments add but the old ones are not getting removed. Same problem on two different computers. I have tried the D´╗┐ebugAvatarAppearanceMessage trick and this is what I get:
  3. I am having this problem at the moment: I cannot see my own avatar, just an orange cloud.It is difficult to remove any attachments from my avatar. My item count in my inventory is about 3.700 items and 360 folder although it should be more. With Firestorm 6.0.2 I can't remove any attachments at all. I right-click them and select "remove" but they stay. When I change my outfit, the new attachments add and the old ones stay. On a different computer with the normal SL viewer I can remove attachments, but I still cannot see my avatar. It stays orange bubbles. But it looks like other
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