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  1. Skin and Make-up Artist


    Description: Painting Second Life avatar skins, painting custom avatar skins and painting make-up layers. If you are really good at what you do, good payment is guaranteed.


    Skills required: Good SL Avatar skin and make-up painting skills – 3D texturing and painting skills are preferable


    Position: Full/time or part/time


    Payment type: Weekly

    Contact MrSL Boa  


  2. Looking for someone who will manage SL related Radio station. Server and Station is already set and broadcasting. The Website is ready; which needs to be populated. Jingles etc.. are done.


    - Managing broadcastings, Managing playlists, Providing Live Shows

    - Populating and Updating the website.

    Please contact Mrsl Boa   inworld, or email me directly at  mrslsecondlife@gmail.com

  3. 1-Job Description: Preparing listing package and advertisement ( image, description, title , etc..) base on instructions and template. ( mostly animations and scripts)

    Key requirements:

    - Advenced Photoshop or similer software user.

    - Good knowledge of Second Life editing and upload tools.

    2- Preferable:

    - Screen capture and edit  video skills.

    - Some Second Life building and shopping experience.

    Payment : L$ 2500 per listing.

    Apply with some pictures at previous work.

    Apply to : mrslsecondlife@gmail.com


  4. Hello I am looking for English speaker to proof read of our products descriptions and instructions notecards.

    specifications i am looking for

    - Native English speaker
    - Someone that easily able to follow instructions of products.
    - Basic SEO knowledge to write keywords for the products.
    - I prefer if someone also can make video tutorials of products.

    If you are interested please im MrSL Boa in Secondlife for payment details..

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