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  1. I am looking for a scripter for a long term project, please contact me at inworld for details; My avatar name is Mrsl Boa
  2. Looking for Photographer for marketplace vendor images. Mainly for female and male clothes, And also builders kits such as chairs, tables etc. Good payment and continues work guaranteed. Please contact my avatar ( MrSL Boa ) in the world
  3. I am looking for a Scripter for Animesh Project. Please contact me in Second life for work and payment details. MrSL Boa
  4. Looking for mesh hair modeller to make hairs, Payment will be 20 US$ for each hair. Please contact me in SL directly for more details.
  5. Looking to buy a full sim up to 300USD including transfer fee, depending on tier date. Contact: mrsl boa
  6. Japanese and Portuguese translators needed for marketplace listing article. English item details needs to be translated to Japanese and Portuguese languguage by human. Please contact MrSL Boa for more details.
  7. Hi, i want to buy full region sim , my budget is 200$ including the transfer fee. if you got one for sale at that price please contact me in world immeditly. MrSL Boa
  8. Skin and Make-up Artist Description: Painting Second Life avatar skins, painting custom avatar skins and painting make-up layers. If you are really good at what you do, good payment is guaranteed. Skills required: Good SL Avatar skin and make-up painting skills – 3D texturing and painting skills are preferable Position: Full/time or part/time Payment type: Weekly Contact MrSL Boa
  9. Seeking a PHP developper for a inworld project. i am ready to hire full time or part time. Good payment guaranteed. Please contact MrSL Boa inworld or send an email to mrslsecondlife@gmail.com
  10. Looking for someone who will manage SL related Radio station. Server and Station is already set and broadcasting. The Website is ready; which needs to be populated. Jingles etc.. are done. Duties: - Managing broadcastings, Managing playlists, Providing Live Shows - Populating and Updating the website. Please contact Mrsl Boa inworld, or email me directly at mrslsecondlife@gmail.com
  11. 1-Job Description: Preparing listing package and advertisement ( image, description, title , etc..) base on instructions and template. ( mostly animations and scripts) Key requirements: - Advenced Photoshop or similer software user. - Good knowledge of Second Life editing and upload tools. 2- Preferable: - Screen capture and edit video skills. - Some Second Life building and shopping experience. Payment : L$ 2500 per listing. Apply with some pictures at previous work. Apply to : mrslsecondlife@gmail.com
  12. Hello I am looking for English speaker to proof read of our products descriptions and instructions notecards. specifications i am looking for - Native English speaker - Someone that easily able to follow instructions of products. - Basic SEO knowledge to write keywords for the products. - I prefer if someone also can make video tutorials of products. If you are interested please im MrSL Boa in Secondlife for payment details..
  13. Guys i think all problems are already reported and they are working really hard to make MKT stable and much better. Just relax and stay tuned for news.
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