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  1. Bitcoin mining hasn't been done on GPU's since 2012, what you're likely referring to is Cryptocurrency mining. As in they mine other cryptocurrencies with them and buy Bitcoin with those alternate cryptocurrencies. Also the GPU's are not being bought up by miners specifically. It's the Scalpers. They buy up all the GPU's from online stores with bots and then resell them at $100-$200+ over MSRP. This is why it's difficult to get a GPU right now. Miners are not the problem. It's scalpers.
  2. Quite honestly Invisiprims were a glitchy bug and should have never been relied on as a feature by any creator in SL, much like how Z-fighting shouldn't be relied on as a feature. Creators paint themselves into a corner when they use bugs or glitches as features in their creations. It's bad practice. It's also a bad design decision and I would avoid any creator in SL that uses such techniques. Why? Because such glitches and bugs eventually get fixed. Sure some of them are useful. E.G. Back in the beta days of Minecraft the minecart accleration bug. But eventually it was fixed and people com
  3. Livegna wrote: Thanks Mr.. Melville, I tried opening my account to another computer and was relieved that i'm able to log in though i tried opening again to my main computer but it's still logging me out, I guess I'll try to reformat my computer since my brother told me it has a virus XO Thanks so much for the help, I'll post the result after reformatting my computer If you receive a login failure message stating that "The system is logging you out...," try waiting a few minutes before logging in again. If you continue to receive this message, you may be a victim of "stuck presence," w
  4. Jessicka Graves wrote: I just downloaded the linked Project Viewer and I can't seem to find any CHUI. Everything looks as normal as V3 gets, and there doesn't appear to be any option to bundle everything together into one floater or whatever. Everything is still separated, and I hope it stays that way with only the option of squishing everything into one window if people want to. It sounds like a clunky/overly condensed way of handling chat/communication, and from what I can imagine, it's a devolvement of the current floaters used in the V3 hud (which are devolved from V1 floaters).
  5. Don't think for a moment just because you live outside the US you're immune to SOPA/PIPA/ACTA. SOPA alone gives the RIAA and MPAA the power to extradite you and detain you for trial. They extradited a kid from england so they could sue him into oblivion before. I'm sure they will exercise that powere even more once SOPA passes. Watch this video allt h e way through and it'll explain everything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJIuYgIvKsc&feature=channel_video_title
  6. The Collada Exporter in 3DsMax 2012 seems to be working fine for me without the need to mess with the FBX converter. There is still the problem with textures needing to be uploaded seperately but it's not a big deal. As long as you have the UV Map baked in, the textures should show up just fine on your model when applied through SL.
  7. Both ATi and Nvidia cards have performance issues in SL because SL lacks a fullscreen function needed to enable said video cards full GPU power. When you play SL in a windowed mode it only uses about less than half of your cards capability. And it also uses your system Ram instead of your GPU's ram. This is why you see your system ram being utilized more by SL because the GPU scales down performace for windowed apps. This is also why SL appears to "lag" in areas with lots of objects and avatars. I tested this in V1 viewers where running them fullscreen would cause my GPU to crank up to it's f
  8. Good for you, you think it sucks, don't use it. No need to post this garbage really. You could have gone all through life without having to. As for me like the new V3. It's a compromise between old and new. You can move the buttons where you need them. You can have them at the bottom like V1. And the IMs and Notifications are back up in the upper right corner. You know the corner the same you people bitched about NOT having their Announcements. So LL moved them back to the OLD position and now you people bitch they're not where you're used to seeing them. *eyeroll* But I guess that w
  9. With discussion of NPC's and such for the game down the road, and the fact that the foundation of their new CEO is as a game builder, I see some significant changes which make financial sense. WoW has 14,000,000 members paying $12-$15 a month. They introduce a charity pet and they make millions for that charity. The money is in the games not the worlds. Mindcraft is also a huge success and it is a game builder.  When I posted about NPC's in the key-framed animation discussion. It was meant to be for content creators in SL who build game systems within SL it has no backing by LL a
  10. With keyframing you can sort of mimic flexible path prims. However you're restricted to the key-framed mesh animations. In other words factors like gravity and wind won't have any effect on them.
  11. A good practice would be to backup your .dae files to some form of small portable media like a USB flash drive or your cell\smartphone (they can be used as a removeable HD)
  12. From my perspective i'll give you the answer: Meshes are easier to work with than sculpts. Sorry but it's the truth. I'm a 3D modeller have been since 3D Studio Max 1.0 when it was a Dos 6.22 program. I know my way around meshes and really can't wrap my head around sculpts. they're fiddly and making a mistake on one means having to re-upload the damn thing 20x which to me costs more than importing a single mesh. Sculpts were never meant to have hard edges they're nurbs in their basic form. Meshes were. I can add and subtract faces and edges from a mesh. I can't do that with a sculpt.
  13. Real NPC characters in SL RPG's. Vehicles with moving parts. Windows on houses that actually move etc. Your avatar's animations are keyframed for example. I hope Normal mapping is next on the list of mesh features being added. I'd love to make complex meshes that don't need extra vertices and faces to look good.
  14. I'm using the Beta 3.0.1 (238613) viewer which is the same build as Release and not experiencing these issues. Are you sure you did re-adjust your bandwidth slider after you installed the new viewer to make sure you're not accidently bottlenecking? Don't listen to the idiots who think you're stealing bandwidth with the slider, Put it to about max your connection speed and see if you get any results.
  15. I use Revo Uninstaller for removing SL viewers. Works a lot better than just the built-in Uninstall. I was able to install 3.0.1 with no problems on windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Viewer runs fine, no issues. Reads like your problem may be something else with your system not Windows 7
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