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  1. The biggest party on the grid the SL Community Celebration is coming

    If you are a DJ or a Live Performer or want to give a presentation, we have signs ups still open

    We have 5 great venues. All built just for the SL14B party

    June 18 - 25

    SIGN UP NOW http://www.slcommunitycelebration.info/performers-and-speakers-a-few-slots-open-at-sl14b/

    Come party with us!!!!

    For questions IM Doctor Gascoigne in world


    SL14B logo.jpg

  2. SL14B the Community Celebration of the SL Birthday is June 18- 25

    Come Join us for the biggest event on the grid!!

    Applications are now open  for Art, Exhibitors**, Performance Live and DJ, Auditorium space for conferences or education or Spoken word performing or talks
    Volunteers and Press Day

    ***Exhibit building at SL14B is FREE of charge and does not effect your tier!!!!

    GO TO:


    for all SL14B applications and information

    IM Doctor Gascoigne or Diana Renoir in world for any questions.


    SL14B logo.jpg

  3. The biggest event of the year is right around the corner. Sign ups are open now, don't slow the roll, jump over and sign up.

    If you have friends or groups of live music, performance or DJs pass the word. Applications are open for SL13B Stage Venues


    Applications are also open for Volunteers, Exhibitors and Invited Art.

    IM Doctor Gascoigne in world if you have any questions.

          June 19 - 26, 2016

  4. Sign ups will close May 20th
    Info on this year's celebration is at Apply Here! | SL Community Celebration

    We are accepting applications for Volunteers, Auditorium spots, Live and DJ entertainment, Exhibitors. The Press is encouraged to sign up so we can contact you about our Press Day.
    This is a community effort so spread the word, sign up, volunteer and come join us for the week. This once a year event will sneak up on us soon.

    Any questions please IM me in world.
    Cya there!!!


  5. Its coming…the event you never knew you were waiting for…SantaCon/Santarchy…

    Come join the Burning Man community in Second Life for our winter event.

    This Saturday December 17th 9 am-9pm SLT

    If you want to volunteer IM Golan Eilde or Doctor Gascoigne

    Think about you and 80 of your never met before closest friends…all dressed as Santa..partying on the Playa! 


  6. Sign up for DJs and Live Performers is at http://burn2.org/performer%20signup
    If you have any questions IM Golan Eilde or myself.

    Burn2 is the Burning Man themed event in SL which runs for 9 days 24/7 Oct 1-9

    Burn2 is a completely non-commercial event where advertising, sales and tip jars are not allowed.

    For more info please visit http://burn2.org/


  7. June 20-26 we have 4 Stages for this year's Birthday Celebration

    If you would like to help run the stages and support the Birthday

    please IM Chatbrat Pippita, Drakon Cortes or myself

    If you have never been a stage manager we are willing to train you

    Come be a part of the Birthday Party

    We need to hear from you by June 8th.



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