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  1. KMADD has a survey currently on our blog which questions the visitors on almsot the same questions - SLM is coming up currently on the top for discovering new stores and shopping for items. If you IM me in-world I can give you results of the survey once it is completed. Till then if anyone is interested in taking part in this survey please visit this link, survey should pop up at the bottom of the screen. By taking part in this survey you will also receive a free gift from KMADD. :smileyhappy:
  2. It located just behind the eyes - there is fashion sign above it We will be bringing in more designers shortly for both male and female so join the group upon arrival and we can keep you informed. All items are hand picked by us so you can be assured of quality
  3. Have you tried a different mic, how it is when you use it with skype or other applications?
  4. The most important thing to do once you are in SL is to spend good amount of time on Orientation Island and learn to use interface. This basic training will help you navigate SL. Very often people who log for the first time are so eager they start exploring that they skip this part and end up handicaped for life and leave as they are not getting the most out of what this game has to offer. Learning curve will be steep and there is lot to understand about SL that it would take you at least 6 months before you feel comfortable. So do not skip it! Learn and once you are comfortable teleport and explore and make friends. You will enjoy their company much better when you do not have to spend time with them teaching you things that you should know have you spent time at Orientation Island.
  5. I would not think so but you need to ask them. LL events yes but other institutions I really do not think so. Which is fair enough as those institutions can claim back on the tax and it costs LL to host them.
  6. If you are looking for a shape as a shape creator I can tell you that you would not be able to get this made due to limitation of the system. If you are looking for mesh avatar, I do not believe anyone would do once off custom work for you as it would take a very long time to make it and you would simply not be able to afford asking price. Best suggestion I got for you is to find someone who is interested in making anime mesh avatars and see if you can give them a suggestion to make this one. The disadvantage of mesh avatars is that you can not change skin, nor will you be individual/original as others would be able to purchase it as well. Alternatively, get custom shape (not mesh shape) which would give you individual look you seek, but I do not believe results would be near close to what you are expecting. Good luck!
  7. I have not received 1000s of IMs but see my answer below there was one week when my IM forwarding was switched off
  8. I just saw this post. I actually never received your IM for some reason while I was recovering from my ankle injury no IMs were getting sent to my email, the feature seemed to have been turned off and I always had it on. Anyhow... Clothes are from: NSD, Musim, Aitui & Grasp. KMADD offers shapes that come with complete styling as well as hair and eyes shown for each one of our men on hair vendors. Check our premium shape collection @ KMADD. Colt and Jo are names of the shapes that wear these styles.
  9. System clothing is good for events where less prims is better. But prim, sculptie, mesh clothig is simply evolutionary steps our virtual fashion has taken to add more realism to what we wear. Like it or not they are here to stay and any serious fashion designer would need to adopt them.
  10. I would suggest to follow your passion and instinct when creating items in SL. Everything goes and over time these pieces will evolve into something magical.
  11. KMADD currently has on display in Designer Showcase section designs of Kal Rau. We just love his new jackets and polos. Go and check them out.
  12. Dont forget to use also Second Life Destination guide - it is great place for discovering new places and you can find things based on your interest and need. KMADD will launch KMADD lounge happening every Sunday which will give you an opportunity to meet designers and new people. We hope to see you there.
  13. KMADD will be starting KMADD Lounge and a series of parties and events we have been known for, so to encourage mingling of new and established players. I never thought that we were clicky group (SL community) but as I can see from several posts of this nature that things might have changed we will make this our outmost priority. I agree with you that the only reason after 6 months to come back in SL would only be friendships you form here. I can assure you that this would be easy at our parties as long as you make effort to speak to people and get involved in public chat, people will notice you and you will have a great time. If you are interested, please Join KMADD Enterprise group in world for notices on our upcoming events will be posted there and we hope to see you and meet you at our next event. Everyone is welcome!
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