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  1. I have had two items unlisted for keywords The following product has been automatically unlisted due to banned text in the keywords_in_all_languages field: Razzor. Now I am trying to figure out what the banned text is all of a dsudden.
  2. Well, i just discovered that pictures that I had uploaded and were showing on Marketplace were no longer showing> i found the reason to be was that there were spaces in the name of the picture. For example "Red Dress Advert" would not show up, but if I renamed it to "RedDRessAdvert" it would show up. I just spent over an hour renaming pictures and then uploading them again. You may want to check your pictures yourself.
  3. Well, i too the SPACES out of my picture names and it worked, never had this issue with my advert pics before.
  4. This would be the product images in marketplce, I mean that is why I am in the merchant forum
  5. Yes, they are the proper size. but when I up load it looks like they are uploading like normal, but once done even though it says a picture is there it is not.
  6. Unfortunately there are 117 pages and to try and sort through them all. Myy questions involve jousting, or melee tournaments. Many offer a linden cash prize given by the host and have a prize barrell where competitors and observers can also add to it. There is no entry fee. But linden cash prizes. Would these fall under skilled gaming.
  7. I cannot post the store in question here but looking on Marketplace today, I found under "Featured items" a store set up by an avatar that is selling real life porno pictures of themselves or at least they claim it is of themselves. I am not a prude but, is this really allowed, is this what Marketplace is for?
  8. I have several items marked with the below. Okay, now first off I do not believe these are listed incorrectly or have I used keyword spam, but two things here. Perhaps an explanation of which key words and even more important how do I either re-list the item properly or remove it. I cannot do anything since it is blocked. Removed under our Marketplace Listing Guidelines for Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices-Keyword Spam (unrelated keywords that skew search results).
  9. So, let's say a Vendor creates a product. And, the product requires certain things like access to the vendors server, now the vendor gets upset with you the user, actually a bunch of users, removes their access which makes the item they bought for a goodly amount of lindens totally useless. The vendor removes the product from the marketplace and stops selling it in world. Then a month later the product pops back up on Marketplace, oH and has a bunch of reviews from before it being removed. So, one or two of the people he ripped off decide to write bad reviews of the product. With in a day the bad reviews are removed. Not sure if this is fair, since the ones that are left are all obvisosly put their by friends and all 5 star. Is there any recourse, of course this situation has been brought to Linden Labs but as usual they are hands off.
  10. If going for a Desktop check out TigerDirect and look at barebones systems. Build yourself.
  11. Sorry, yes you are correct only Business Machines have proper docking stations now. Look into HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations. You can find them under Small medium Business on hp.com
  12. There are a couple of Roleplay SIms, do a search for FOrgotten Realms.
  13. Sylvan Shilling wrote: Would these work with easily accessible, inexpensive modern weapons? Too be honest, since I do not use modern weapons I cannot tell you.
  14. If you just want a meter for special occasions and one anyone can use without registering online or configuring your sim, look at the Nordhaven Meter, there s also a tournament meter made by Lew Nightfire you can find that in Troy and then Falcon Forge. None of these meters require sim setup and control health when dean you fall down.
  15. So, I guess none of you people were ever noobs... you came into Second Life fully knowing all there is, BAH... and now you know why people don't stick around, instead of maybe offering to help you make fun of them and want to blow them up.
  16. I would be interested in recently replied to threads being moved to top.
  17. Perrie Juran wrote: Why would posting a SLURL be a problem? Is their something in the TOS? I mean Torley himself started a thread both showing us how to do it and encouraging us to do it: Sharing a place? Include a SLurl! And pictures! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Favorite-Destinations/Sharing-a-place-Include-a-SLurl-And-pictures/td-p/749115 The last time Ciaran posted a link to Fantasy Faire 2011 he got his hand slapped, so I guess it is once bitten twice shy.
  18. I stripped down to bare minimum... my arc was 1 and script count 0 and walked all 9 Sims the first day. Still hit lag pockets, like walking past the fool wearing a bloodlines meter and hud. But the SiMs are fantastic and there is a lot of nice stuff there.
  19. You can also recieve a cease and desist letter for Trademark infringment if you use something that will make people feel that are buying something made by someone else. For example try and tie the word "Margaritaville" to any product and watch how fast Jimmy Buffett's lawyers come after you. However, in response to the OP's question, first off if they claim that the use of a gesture/phrase is legally binding as theirs then they are completely clueless, and trying to to feed you a line. If the gesture was copyrighted as intellectual property or the phase was Trademarked then they would have used those terms.
  20. Mystara and Cadir Braeden do not use any type of hud or meter system.
  21. I would be interested in seeing how long this will last since we are not allowed to post about a certain inworld event that raises money for Relay for Life.
  22. Lurken wrote: So far my melee practice is awful. Just awful. But the jeopardy of walking into a tavern and having a dagger shoved in you rback (depending, of course, on genre) makes some damage-system necessary for tru immersion. Perhaps sims should be distinguished between text-based only, weapons optional, and full-on metered danger. (Maybe they already are. Shopping, screwing up badly designed items while learning to modify [AND to copy first, dammit], looking for new places, sorting inventory and the blizzard [no relation] of notecards and landmarks, and getting hit on for sex have really eaten into my learning RP and combat time....) Well, lad most sims have their rules set up and most of the meter-based do require some RP before sticking a dagger in your back. So, read the rules, always when venturing in a new RP sim stop and read the rules.
  23. Many people use the pics section and some people put wayyy to much information in them in my opinion, and I feel that it may hurt their RP because the more information you give, the more history that you put in then the less room for change, I do not mean things like changing your race from demon to angel, but change/room for your character to grow in the RP.
  24. Storm Clarence wrote: PICards are all of us. No elitism. When you post to this forum you are a PICard - whether you 'care' or not. It is too bad you didn't read the 'prime directive' you would not have added your elitist comment. Yes, it is the responsibility of all PICards to empower each other, and without distinction. Ahhh... so it is also your responsibility to demean and insult other people and their posts as I have seen you do in other threads.
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