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  1. I am interested. I could buy body you need. I have been in world 14.5 years. I have managed 3 clothing line stores and one sim where I scheduled entertainment. I have also worked as Dance Manager. I have taken modeling courses and model for agency now. Easy going and spunky. Please drop me a line at Scarlet Vavoom
  2. 14 years experience here. Would be happy to help. Scarlet Vavoom
  3. YES, We met in 2008, married in SL in 2010, moved in together in 2012 spring--married in Dec2012. I know several people that has done this.
  4. Ug-grrrr my friend is being inducted in SL's "Hall of Fame" for hosting tonight. I hope she can get in. I can't. Was looking forward to it all week and spent 3 hours getting a formal outfit all ready!!
  5. Yes, mine is---just a titch - strange.
  6. I pay for one membership so I am only allowed one boat? I had not heard of "Alts" being able to get a home also? How are people getting two? I have alts but never considered getting another. Right now the new region of houseboats is soooo laggy I can not even decorate. Waiting for the excitement to go down a bit so I can at least use the one I have.
  7. No I think this is part of the getting ready to go--when it goes live the selection part is up too.
  8. They must be getting ready to release and testing -why we are getting error messages. Keep trying! I don't see an official announcement yet either.
  9. Last release was around noon SLT time. About two & half hours from now. I am assuming.
  10. I must LM The Squishy Pickle! Make it my home away from home.
  11. Sweet--looking at them now. Totally not where I thought they would be but it looks great. Kudos to the moles of SL!
  12. Tennis courts that work. Trails for running. Grills by picnic area to grill with family and friends. In winter perhaps put some snow up on the high spots? Just though's
  13. Teagon the above thread has been turned off. Can they turn it back on if they announce it on that list?
  14. Where is that new area being built? What is sim name? Thanks
  15. Me too--been on since 2006--time for an upgrade.
  16. I am in world everyday and have my spots I got too but I like to explore also. I host two nights a week at small club. I been in SL for 13 years. My husband I met here in 2008 and we got married RL in 2012. He is not in here much anymore and I have no partner in crime. I am a retired nurse. Grew up in Michigan but now live in Va. If interested please IM me in world. Thanks
  17. For quite some time I have not gotten notices to come to my email. I am working in SL again so need to get it fixed. I thought I would try to change my email to another but it does not send anything to my email for verification. I read that is a jinx bug atm. Anyway I can get it working again without changing email? Everything is set up right. Thanks.
  18. Would be interested as well. Been in SL since 2006. IM me for resume. Scarlet Vavoom
  19. I am 10 this year since March. I got nottin! lol Actually I don't remember them doing anything for any of my B-days. Not mad about it. SL is slowing loosing its grip on me anyways. I need to retire! SL was a different place 10 years ago. Most of my friends I made then from all over the world are still good friends today. Seems people come in here now lookign for other things. Just kinda sad. I did volunteer for SL13B. Will give me something to do in here in spring & summer
  20. Same here--love hanging out with other couples. We made it to RL IM me in world.
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