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  1. Except close them and then reopen them as floaters still. So the sidebar still forces itself constantly into my view, asserting that it is more important than the world. Just so you know there is a Prefferences setting in the General tab that togles how the sidebar affects your view. you have have your view of the world get 'squished' when the sidebar opens or have it act like any other changing hud you might normaly wear that comes wiith certian types of avitars. int the second mode it simple slides out like a tray and dose not affect the cameras position or the other huds you might be wear
  2. Now some of you talk about a 'poor' experience with V2 there are a lot of features in this 2.2 version that I do not think are even in the other TPV's yet and the people working on this both @ LL and in the OS community have been working hard at getting this newest version out to you the GP so that yes you have new abilities for building and even some customazation of the viewer its self! Those in the Snowstorm team are working as hard as they can to get this to be a viewer that the GP will be able to use much easier and those of us that are the OLD schoolers(those that have been around since
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