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  1. ok I have a question, the person on the other side of me, claims that their security "Script" has put me on their ban list. Looking at Qie's response, sadly IM that neighbor to see if they could help by removing me off their the script to test. As far as they are concerned since it not impacting my land, they don't care. https://gyazo.com/59b3e121a303a9f3d5c32ea552cfc6c6
  2. Thank you all for your help and suggestions much appreciated. The smaller parcel land was purchased after I purchase the big plot. I clicked deeded by accident. Not knowing how to correct it, I left it like that, since this is my first time owning land. I will talk to my neighbor about their security orb.
  3. the land is normally set to my Home group. its when I am standing on the land , I go into About land and change it from Group to Open to Everyone, is when I get the pop up. If I put it back to Home group I will not get evicted. There is a small piece of land, that is open between the 2 parcels. if I stand there and walk over. Yes I can walk over to the same location on my land and walked around, will not get a pop up. The pop up doesn't give a name of the owner, cause I was wondering the same thing. Also it doesn't matter if I wear my home tag or not. https://gyazo.com/426ca073421dcdeff778655f76150eba
  4. HI I own 2 parcels that aren't together and has a strip of land between them on Marmela. The smaller parcel is group to my larger parcel . The smaller parcel, I have noticed if I am standing there and make it "Open to Everyone". A popup states "I am not allowed on the land and will be evicted in 15 seconds" If I stand off that parcel and walk over, while it's still Open to Everyone, I do not get the popup. Not sure why this happening? How can I fix it?
  5. Hello' I own 2 Parcel of land on the Mainland Marmela, This one section is separate from the rest of my land. Standing on my land if I make it Open to Everyone, I get a popup that "States I have 15 seconds before I get evicted" . If I walk on to the land, I do not get the popup. Both times I am wearing my Home Tag. I do apologize this is my first time owning land. I am not understanding why I am getting this popup on my land. thank you, Rhian Milena https://gyazo.com/426ca073421dcdeff778655f76150eba
  6. thank you, that i what I thought,
  7. rhian Milena

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    Hello, a friend of mine saw in an community SL Blog that LL will be doing away with the Classic Avatar. He saw it on 8/30/2017 in the community blog, both of us tried looking for that blog and is unable to locate it . I have already gone mesh, he hasnt, Is this true everyone will need to update if they havent already?
  8. HI, I made a mistake in the calendar. Some how I posted twice for the same event. at 4am, Dj Loralie Aeon and *Dreams* Dance club and 4am DJ Lor and *Dreams* Dance Club , How can I delete one of them? Thanks
  9. Hello, I am looking forward to the new grid. I will say I am a TPV user. After watching all the vidoes, reading the blogs. I do have a better understanding . I think one of my main concern is probably silly for right now, is my legacy name. Will I be able to keep my name? Seriously i would hate to start a new LL grid with the last name of Resident. I always felt it was a mistake of LL to remove the last name, it was the loss of one indivuality. Also how would this effect my virtual life in Second Life. I still want to be an member of it as well. A few of my favorite features of being in TPV. They are more open, they look for suggestion, they include us. Nothing is such a secret. They have a wonderful inworld support group. Added to their toolbar is the AO. That is easy to to use and drop your animations in. I certainly love it, I love being able to switch to different AO's without having to to look in my inventory to detach and wear. Its is nice not to clutter up my screen with AO's
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