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  1. But that's the thing isn't it? We all have different lines in our own heads as to what is a child avatar and what is an adult avatar. Thus, a petite adult avatar wearing a lolita style dress with knee high socks, ribbons in their pigtail style hair, mary janes, an over sized pacifier in their mouth or hanging around their neck and maybe a diaper (hidden and on silent mode or not), would be considered a child avatar in one place and not in another. Yes there are certain situations where being dressed like that is not ok, say a fancy ballroom or a wedding. But what about just walking around in a store or at an adult hangout place?

    There are grown women who walk around in RL with similar outfits on, primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere of the World. LL has clarified vaguely what a child avatar is. Though by their words, the outfit i mentioned above would be considered a child avatar *, yet it's on an adults body with the shape and skin of an adult. Am i the only one who sees that there is a dire need for the LL to clarify exactly what makes up an adult avatar or revise the ageplay policy?



    * "In some cases there may be an element of subjectivity as to whether an avatar (or other image) appears to be a minor. Objective factors which will be used to decide, including whether an avatar has childlike facial features, is child-sized, has clothing or accessories generally associated with children, and whether, based on the circumstances, an avatar is speaking or acting like a child ("My Mommy says..."). " - Taken from the Clarification of Policy Disallowing Ageplay

  2. @Jesica, bout the same as far as you with being short, small breasted, wearing mary janes, have braces, and in pigtails most of the time, yet constantly being called a child avatar.

    As far as height is concerned, yes the whole height system is just total bogus. Do we really need an 8ft tall human avatar? My avie is 1.83m (6f.03ft) and i look short amongst other adults but taller than child avatars but i wear adult skin (Curio), shape (moded but from Dollette) and clothes (Honey Kitty).

    Here's two examples of what i am talking about:

    Full Bodyshot



  3. With lolita styles becoming more and more popular in the grid, it seems that more and more adults are getting mistaken as child avatars cos they are petite and in a lolita style outfit. So my question to all of you is, what classifies as an adult avatar and when does one go over the line of an adult avatar and into a child avatar?

    i've written down a few ideas that have popped into my head but know there are more than i am forgetting. The LL has made it quite vague what a child avatar is. For instance, is a petite female adult wearing a lolita style dress, hair in pigtails with ribbons in it, knee high socks and mary janes, an adult or a child avatar? What about a babyfur? Or an adult baby? Or an adult dressed in a schoolgirl uniform who attends a finishing academy?

    * overall facial features of an adult
    * females having make up (even if slightly)
    * female skin showing breasts
    * males with facial hair or shaven facial hair
    * pubic hair

    * females having an upper chest if ever so slightly (A cup)
    * female shape having curves representing one of the 4 Female Body Shapes
    * avatar being taller than child avatars. Heard at one point somewhere that the legal min for an adult avatar is 1.6m but there is no definite answer on height.
    * male shape representing one of the 3 Male Body Shapes

    * lolita styles (don't know what it is, check the Wiki on Lolita Style )
    * some may argue a diaper on an adult is sexual ageplay. is it?
    * mary janes shoes
    * knee high socks

    Avatar Accessories
    * sweet (and sometimes other) lolita styles are accessorized with cute, innocent and often enough childish items such as a lollipop, candy, a stuffed animal, princess-like bags and maybe even a pacifier. ( Flickr's Sweet Lolita as an example )
    * little top hats

    * pigtails
    * barbie bubble bangs
    * ribbons in your hair

    So what say you? Where does the line draw between child and adult avatars?

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