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  1. MP = Marketplace


    It's the official website for merchants to set up a virtual shop out of the world (or grid as its called). Search for "child promo", "child freebie", or just "child" and on the left side of the page there will be a list that starts with 0L$. You want to select the line that is 0L$ - 10L$. Hope this helps out.


    URL: http:\\marketplace.secondlife.com

  2. Oh how i know all about your frustrations. I have always made my avatar to reflect the RL me in physical apperance, but unfortunatly this means that often I get accused of being an underage avatar. In RL I am 4ft 11in, 100 lbs, B size cups and wear brightly colored, pastel kawai cute outfits. Of course I can not have my avatar be 4ft 11in... Did do that for the first 3 months I was in SL but then decided to grow, so did a fantastic RP with someone where I was put on The Rack and streched out. LOL

    Anyways, if you do not want to switch your head since you love the anime look, I would make sure to put in your 2nd Life tab of your Profile that your RP and RL age is 18+ sure it's over 18. Many people are Profile Pervs, so I would make a Pick in the Picks tab of your Profile stating that your avatar is not an underage one. In my Profile I have it stated in several places that my avatar and me in RL is 18+. Here is what my Appearance Pick in my Profile reads:

    " My physical appearance may be throwing some people off so here it goes...
    i am ALWAYS an adult who most of the time likes to dress in sweet lolita, kawaii & pre-pubescent fashions. Often you will find me wearing a colorful, fun outfit & unable to stay still. By expressing myself this way DOES NOT mean i am a child. At ALL times i'm an adult mentally, emotionally & physically! i like to look cute & innocent, unlike the way young adults in this society nowadays are sexualized in their dress. i strive to be cute looking, not sexy!
    Notice the collar? i'm an RL slave to My Daddie. Want to know more? Just ask. NO sexual RP can happen here in SL!
    i may look small & you are right. i'm petite in RL (4ft 11in 100 lbs) & represent my avatar as best i can here
    Yes, i have realistic sized breasts. Just cos i don't have some massively sized breasts doesn't mean anything! We all have differant sized bodies, accept it please!
    http://catnapkitty.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/getting-good-body-proportions-in-second-life/ "


    Just a to side note cos I know someone will say something... The no sexual RP bit is a limit set in place by my RL Daddie (my boyfriend). He, like many other husbands, boyfriends, fiancés, believes that any online sexual play is considered cheating. 

  3. Hi Lauren. Yes, i have tried The Sugar Garden's heads. Was wearing the top one on the left, Dakota for a few months but the chin kept bothering me... Basically if they would come out with a head that has a very small chin that is rounded and a round face shale, it would be perfect.

  4. Yes Bree, the picture is of my default LL head with, yes, the sliders that controls Head Squash set to 0 and Head Shape set to 100. i am searching for a mesh head that is round in shape, not oval or pointy chinned but round. All of the mesh heads i have found are either oval shape or have the chin come to a point. i have found that some mesh heads do react to the Head Squash slider though, but none that make the round shaped face that i am seeking.

  5. After searching and searching i've decided to go to the forums and hopefully you all can help me out.... i am looking for a mesh head with facial expressions that has a round, heartshaped face. For whatever reasons, the heads i have found are not as round as i want them to be. Maybe i am just outa my mind for wanting a round face. Have seen several products that in the pictures they appear to be round but then when i wear the mesh head and the included shape, they are not round at all.

    Here is a picture of the face shape i am looking for. Please ignore the overly large eyes...



    Please help me find a mesh head that's ROUND!

  6. Justa small update... i did find the hip translation ad usedthe y to put it down bt still haivn the same issue. In the Poses Menu i do not hav checked Zero Hip Y Translations or 0 Hip Rotations. Would really love to get this ground sit thast been stuck in my head all weekend made. Thanks in advance.

  7. Agree that SLink is amazing for shoes AND THIER mesh feet is the best I've seen. A new feature with their mesh feet is that you can buy an add-on pack that puts shoes on your feet without loosing your mesh feet. Oh and to save a color on their HUD just press one of the boxes below the color selection. It has about 5 or so spots for you to have presets.

  8. Try Calla for the red color you are looking for. The Candy Apple shade is quite brite and has some nice highlights. I know they are changing their textures for a few hair packs, but worth a shot to pick up a few demos. Also try Jolie Femme. They have a red called Red with Dusk and its absolutely gorgeous. For a girly look try the Marianne hair, it's by far my favorite style I wear.

  9. This entire thread is why I will not wear mesh clothes. My shape represents my rl body type and finding any mesh clothes that fit my petite body is nearly impossible. All the mesh tops and dresses I've tried leave this horrible gap between my size 30 breasts and the top. I'll stick to mesh feet and accessories rather than clothes.

  10. Third the mesh feet by SLink! Got sculpted feet by SLink when they first came out and loved em. When the mesh feet came out nearly fell outs my chair when I tried the demo. These feet are just amazing and tinting to match my skin tone was easy. Just recently SLink has released two shoes that fit over your feet but do not take your beautiful mesh feet off. Ones a ballet shoe and the other I want to say is a scrappy sandal. Oh for all the men looking for feet, or maybe wives who are tired f their mans ugly flat 2-d feet, SLink has mesh feet for males too. Kids mesh feet are coming out soon as well.

  11. Splash top is great, except there is a terrible lag between when you touch something and itnactually happening. If all you want is to sit around, access full inventory, chat and stuff but not worry about graphics, then it's a great alternative to PocketMetaVerse.

  12. I need to ask a Linden about the RP and lifestyle of a specific group of avatars. This isn't a dire emergency but the lines are so blurred between what is right and wrong on these type of avatars that I would like to get a definitive answer on what is and is not allowed for them. No where on the Support a Ticket menu does a field for this come up at and calling LL is for billing only, so it wouldn't help me out there to call them. No, before I get people commenting, this is not about child avatars. The rules for child avatars are plainly stated. Any help on how to contact a Linden to ask my question is greatly appreciated. EDITED: My question is about adult babies. Didn't want to say it in the original question but.... Adult babies dress like kids, (mainly babydoll style dresses and prepubescent fashions), talk like adults most of the time, act like adults most of the time but want to be in sexual situations. At first glance they look like giant kids with their pacifiers, diapers, cute dresses and cute AO but then you notice the BDSM accessories. This gets people thinking, hmmm pedophilia.... All of the adult baby places I know of have strict height limits that you must be 1.65m tall in order to visit and require adult skins. But the blurred line is, where does it go from being an adult up wants to have a bit of fun or live out their lifestyle to an adult who is breaking the TOS by sexually age playing with another adult, despite both of the, being adults if naked? See my delimina?
  13. How would one go about modifying the above script to give the menu to everyone and say in local chat that it was touched by someone other than the wearer and the texture was changed by that person?

    Example would be say a hair bow that everyone has access to touch and brings up the menu with differant textures for the bow to be. When someone other than the wearer of the bow touches the bow, they would get the dialog menu, select what texture they want for the bow and it would say in chat that the person change the wearers bow to texture A.

    i am also just a script tinker but not maker, so adding this to the texture change script i am totally lost on where to begin.

  14. Also,pay close attention to your skin. If you are looking for a natural A or B cup then most breasts on the skin, no matter if you have your breasts size at 0,will look like  you have C or D cup breasts. It's the shadowing that you must watch out for under aand around the breasts. i have a nice skin from Curio and they have a tattoo layer breast de-enhancer. The stores below offer this breast de-enhanser. Try the demos first and you will see what i mean.

    Hope this helps yah out. Need a visual to see the differance just IM me, melody Swashbuckler..






    ...and soon my own shop Absolute Mad Bratz AB Department

  15. There is a free set of Toddler Alphas on Marketplace that you can pick up. They have tiny tot size 1-3 4-6, 7-9 and size 10, so that's 4 of each "size". Has many other hideable parts like feet, toes, bottom and half calf. Hope this helps.

  16. What i am looking for is a script that will allow particles (a texture i choose) to be spawned from one attachment and go to another attachment that is worn on an avatar. i have tried Lockguard, OpenCollar leashing scripts and some random particle scripts i have but nothing works. i know a little on scripting but not a ton. 

    What i am trying to do is get a necklace that's worn on my Ches or Neck (havn't decided yet)t to emit particles up to something i am wearing on my Mouth. With avatars being differant sizes i can not use prims for this job cos they would move all weird and not look right on everyone.Help please.

  17. Just checking back for peeps who are viewing this thread to see how the pasties went. They do cover the front part but do not cover low enough or around in between the legs to completely cover the area up. Takes a bit of time matching to my skin, but blended it well.

  18. Thank you all who have responded. My sister has a skin from Livingtree and shed loved it, but soon found out in 09 that the skins were quite outdated. That lead on to getting one skin that offered a child and adultish look to it but that one made me look like i had a permanent sunburn. So i settled on Curio for both child and adult skin. The Nude pasties look intresting and cheap too. Will tell you all how they work out. Again, thanks for the info everyone.

  19. And no I am not talking about on your head. I would like to find a tattoo layer that will look like my female avatar does NOT have anything between the legs, like a doll would have. After a few hours searching, I can not find a single place to get a tattoo layer to do this. My skin is from Curio and I am quite attached to it, as my sister has the same skin and my Mom almost has the same look as my sister and I. Does anyone know of a place where I could buy such an item? I know it is a bit of an odd thing to request to find but I do not want to be automatically correct.
  20. Believe it or not, there are adults who wish to be an adult (meaning skin and shape of one) but for reasons of their own (wither that be RL therapy, a fantasy, lifestyle choice, ect...) , wish to play out being a baby, toddler, or child by their actions, what they wear and the objects around them. For the obvious reasons, many people do not like this type of play, which is more commonly known as adult baby/diaper lover or AB/D play. Even though it's taboo, AB/DL is a recognized part of the BDSM world.

    To those adult avatars who wish to engage in adult baby/diaper lover play... As long as the avatar has the skin and shape of an adult and has it stated on their profile that they are 18+ SL & RL at all times, then who cares what they are doing as long as they are not violating anything in the TOS or CS.

    If the products you are talking about are clearly marked as Adult content in Marketplace and are only available in world in Adult land, plus they are not violating anything in the TOS or CS, then what is the big deal? There is nothing in the TOS or CS that says that adult babies/diaper lovers can not be in SL.

    Just my two cents on the topic...

  21. If you are gong to switch to Firestorm to wear multiple tattoo layers at once, please keep in mind that there is a glitch right now with wearing multiple tattoo layers. It will cause your body to become fuzzy or black in the areas with the tattoo layers. The only fix unfortunately is to reapply your tattoos every time you change clothes. PITA if you ask me cos i have my tattoo, eyeshadow and breast reducer tattoos to wear all at once.There is a JIRA on it, so soon it will be fixed, hopefully.

  22. @Perrie, my question isn't whither or not to allow SEXUAL ageplay. We all know ethically that an adult having sexual contact with a child is against the law in no matter what country you are in. It's a question of where does the line cross between a child and adult avatar. Is it height that determines whither or not your avatar is adult or not? Is it your physical body shape? Is it certain clothes? Is it avatar accessories? Is it certain animations? What about certain hairstyles? This is what i am looking for an answer on. 

    @Penny, Exactly my point! The proportions in sl are so screwed up that we get so many different thoughts on what is considered a child avatar and adult avatar. It's hard to tell without a definitive answer from LL. i would like to see actual numbers of what numbers on the slider bars of what is a child avatar, such as height and body thickness.

    @Allen, Yes LL has officially confused every single one of us.  "Since LL can't or won't enforce their own maturity standards, it's fallen to the rest of us abuse report the kid for truancy or tresspass, and their so-called parents for negligence If you see a child avatar in mature or adult." Which is why i am pleading for them to make a checklist or something along the line of a guide to what a child avatar looks and acts like.
    "You are asking for LL to set (clarify) the standards.  But look at how you are reacting to A SIM owner setting a standard for age play here.  I can't even begin to imagine the out cry should LL start doing what you are asking for, which is to set specific standards." Reason i brought this entire thread up was because i am rather active in the adult baby and sweet lolita groups. i manage a hangout in an Adult sim that is for adult babies and at one point there was an orb there that kicked and banned anyone that wasnt a set 1.63m tall. But nameless people have cried saying that we are adult, just short. Take a lady with small breasts, thin and 1.5m naked and she would look like a petite adult. But add a sweet lolita style dress, an oversized pacifier, diaper, prim socks and a BDSM collar to her and then tell me if she is an adult or not?

    For the record, i have a child alt and have nothing against child avatars. There are spots for them here in the grid that are totally PG. Anyone who chooses to be active in the BDSM and the child avatar world, should keep those two plays on different accounts that can not by any chance be crossed over. When LL was having their massive Zindra switchover, i decided to make an adult only account but yet many of my friends and myself have been called child avatars, even though our shape, skin and clothes are those of an adult.

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