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  1. i logged in this morning ,ready to let go of my new houseboat i got last night in Picard's Warf ,but damn its hard to let go even though i prefer a house and garden this location is so gorgeous ,so much treasures to find under water and and plenty of space between the boats and a great view ,i would be a fool to let it go ,so sorry everyone looking for a houseboat ,i wish you all luck in finding your dream spot .
  2. thanks so much ,its just what i wanted a house and water nearby
  3. oh my gosh i got a new house in Gangway ,i love it already 😍
  4. Wise words .i often dislike the harsh reactions i read on this forum here , i find it totally unneeded to low yourself up to the topic starter point of view ,how hard can it be to just either not respond or do it in a more general matter ?
  5. lowering the price to 4000 ,i want it gone , message me with your offer .
  6. im selling my parcel included home and furnishing ,keep it or send it all back to create your own home ,its part of a small island in a lovely lake for sailing ,very nice private place to live ,no disturbing banlines ,great views ,worth to take a closer look after purchase its tier free 351 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shakers Stoop/217/158/23
  7. well i do use his whole name ,and i go from the website ,so i dont get it ,mabye i should let him do it then ,you never know
  8. hello all , I am trying yo propose my friend to partner me ,but when i do so i get the message they cant find him ,or that he is not an active resident . must we both be online to propose him ? btw ,ofcourse he is an active resident here ,
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