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  1. Ditto - just hangs on login screen. I do show that Linden posted a new status at 7:05 PST: "We are aware many users are still experiencing intermittent log in issues, and our engineers are working towards recovery as quickly as they can."
  2. I came in during SL's high watermark in 2007 and was quickly hooked despite the steep learning curve. The first few years I was totally addicted (hours a day) but my interest started waning in 2010 and pretty much went into semi-active check-in status up until this year when I decided to binge a bit. The immersive free-form concept and endless variation is what keeps me tethered, and SL has aged like fine wine.
  3. It's sad to watch Linden repeatedly reshuffle the same deck of dwindling cards.
  4. First, with respect to the JIRA and the move to remove the voting feature - it's a good idea and a very bad idea. Good in the sense that there should never have been voting for bug reports; a bug should either be validated and fixed or it should be closed for appropriate reasons such as unable to reproduce or not a bug, etc. Sad to say, Linden was using the voting feature to avoid fixing bugs that have been on the books for years. Very bad in the sense that there should be voting for new feature requests which if incorporated, will potentially impact every user and Linden should be using
  5. For those asking to restore local lights, make sure you're voting and following https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-157 - Linden did add it back in one of the Project Viewers (Mesh) but it's not in the dev viewer.
  6. Unless the new viewers are widely adopted, the display names is a moot point.
  7. The greatest problem I see with using the display names is the fact that the display name user has no idea which name other AVs are seeing them as. Even if everybody used the viewer that shows the display names, they have the option to not display them (righthly so) and it will cause nothing but confusion as people will either see them as their original name, display name, or both. What's the point if I don't know which name that people are seeing me as? Also, there's a bug (hopefully) where the web dashboard only shows the display name under the friendlist with no option to see the real n
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