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  1. I believe this document grants me the right to produce videos following the ToS as I captured on my land with my alts with no third party branding. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Snapshot_and_machinima_policy
  2. I believe this page tells it all, sorry I hadn’t seen this. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Snapshot_and_machinima_policy
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, Alwin! I am not selling the Machinima nor will they be available for download, I am only intending to use the Machinimas as mere support for the learning objectives and will remain private from within my learning environment. (I.e such as Moodle). Is there someone @ Linden Lab I could contact to clarify!? Thanking you kindly cybère
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to create Machinima to support language learning objectives to be privately shared with our Learning Management System paying customers. Videos should be taken within a private sky platform (holodeck with scenes I built) and consenting avatars. ) Is it falling into the realms of intellectual property / SL ToS? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! cybère
  5. Youtube videos on media prim say missing plug-in on Sl viewer and FS after update to latest viewer (as per April 2014). It works on browser outside SL, I have enabled all plugins (java script and Flash) but to no avail... Any hint? THank you! ** Sorry to reply to Madelaine below, I had written my previous question from my ipod and thought it hadn't gone through as I could retrieve it, hence rewriting it. My bad, I can't seem to be able to delete it from the list -even as an owner. Sorry about that. Thanks for your reply Madelaine.
  6. REsponse to Sven. Thank you. I managed to download the Flash version for other browser on the Flash download page, and it did the trick: Here is the sceenshot of the About:plugins on chrome to make it work: Youtube missing plug-in appear on media prims on my two machines 1 on win8 the other on Win7. Youtube works on chrome/IE outside viewer. Anything within viewer blocking flash or shockwave or adblock ? Thanks for your help! **** here are the screnshots in French, stating that my browser is obsolete. I tried both latest version of Chrome and IE (11) The second screenshot states that I need a browser compatible with Flash or HTML5. Madelaine and Sven, thanks for your quick answers! @ Madelaine, changing slplug-in settings in my firewall didn't fix the problem. I have the same issue with another PC, even SL viewer. When I try to download an "updated version from the internal browser within FS I get this. My prefs are as follows: No proxy from home. Something from within the browser seems to be blocking. It used to work on my older viewers in my older laptop and with the updates, not any longer. Sven both my machines are 64bits, do you have a safe website where I download the 32bits plugins? Thanks for your help.
  7. Having issues in a University lab with DELL Intel Core Duo CPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz, 4GB RAM, graphic card NVidia GT640. Avatars appear grey with Firestorm and transparent with Second Life viewer, clothing layers won't load, all other textures and attachment do. I have tested with different graphic settings from mid-low to high. Did rebake and depalletized (CTRL SHIFT F7) but to no avail. Do I need to set up proxy settings, open specific ports or configure setting with our Anti-Virus? Please kindly help. *** Answer from author: After investigating, we found out that the proxy in our institutions needs to be configured to bypass second life bake-texture.agni.lindenlab.com. I hope this helps anyone out there behind a proxy. Cheers
  8. Hi Rolig, My bad, I updated the viewer to 4.4.2 (forgot a part in the version). What actually happened is that we updated the graphic driver to the latest version after seeing that avatar wouldn't respond to the arrow key movements (sticky keys). Now they do respond but not fully showing clothing or skin on all avis. It also does the same with the latest version of Second Life viewer. Could it be an issue with the Nvidia GT640 driver? We have used SL with the very same graphic card for a year now and never had the problem.
  9. Firestorm 4.2 Win 7 Nvidia graphics GT640 Hello I have 5 machines in a lab that suddenly stopped showing avatar textures. All attachments and environment textures are showing except avatars (mine and others) skin and clothes. I tried rebake, character test and I get the same issue. Please help, thanks so much Cyber placebo
  10. Hi we wish to move from a yearly payment to a monthly payment after we transfer a friend's land to our name. Is it possible?
  11. How can I communicate privately with 2 or more people but not a a whole group? Thanks
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