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  1. same thing happening to me for the last 3 days. im about to just give up totally on the marketplace. It's more trouble then it's worth lately. " So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.
  2. I heard from someone (who'll remain nameless) today, that they heard that a sweep was going to be done. While i can fully understand and applaud LL desire to fight copybotting idiots within SL, I am curious, is it true that LL is going to be insta-banning anyone who has items etc in their inventory labelled with "IP REPLACEMENT"? I know some dances I brought some time ago from SLX were renamed to that, but that was like ages ago, akeyo and umm sinewave i believe), which I did have email about and promptly got rid of the content from my inventory. But trouble is, LL are gona perma ban anyone found to have 'IP REPLACEMENT' renamed items in their inventory from tomorrow? I can't understand why a ban would be placed on someone for purchasing what later turns out to be stolen crap. The buyer doesnt always have means of figuring if what they're buying is 'legit' or not. And i dont think those purchasing items should take the rap for what, is in effect, the fault of those who do the bullcrap ripping in the first place. The copybotters should be reprimanded, and banned, not those who unknowngly purchase stolen content. Again, im glad LL is fighting sl crime now, and taking measures to protect content creators (APPLAUDS THE LAB!), but this seems slightly doubious to me =/ Edited to add: I just heard (few moments ago) from a friend in world stating this was a hoax. Any truth to this?
  3. i'd actually love to use my 3vcash card but not sure if its supported or not. sending a ticket asking thisdidnt get me anywhere.
  4. Is it just me, or are logins down yet again? i get the "logging in" scren for about 20 mins then tells me something went wrong
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