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  1. I suspect that it is related to the server 45 FPS. It looks like a glitch - perhaps some dropped frames - when it attempts to update continuous motion. I've decided to live with it for now rather than try to figure out a work-around. I'll make a Jira entry when I get a chance. Thanks for doing the tests.
  2. What you describe is exactly what is happening. Thanks for the heads up on the JIRA.
  3. I'm rotating a physical prim very slowly using llTargetOmega(). I need the prim to be physical so I can trigger the at_rot_target event later on in the script. No problem there. My problem is that the rotating prim jerks - usually at around 22.5 degrees from where it begins its rotation. I've tried lots of different spinrate and gain values. I was thinking the problem was perhaps related to the sim or physics FPS of 45. But nothing has worked perfectly. I'm able to make the problem WORSE! But I haven't yet achieved a perfectly smooth, very slow rotation. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all - I finally got 3.2.xxx to run, but when I enable Basic Shaders everything goes black, pretty much. Every prim at least - and no particles, no alpha textures, etc. Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to fix this in my client?
  5. When I enable Basic Shders everything goes pretty much black. Is that "the bug?"
  6. Standing on the sim LEA1 trying to make prims larger than 10m, but it won't do it. Also, prims larger than 10m snap to that size when resizing. It's like before you enabled making 64m prim sizes.
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