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  1. Or we could just lick the chocolate off you? *grins* You are always very yummy! And always know all the best breakfast spots!
  2. Yea, those purple days can be the pits. I do, was wondering why you stopping making them? You make wonderful pasta wall art!!
  3. That is why you always carry a large bag in your purse, so you can take the dog, the cashier, and the steam powered ice-cream maker. It is how i get most of my ice-cream makers!
  4. Much better now! *snuggles* Hows ya been? Whatcha been doing with the pasta?
  5. Define there.. I was there once, and then I went to here, and then here because elsewhere, so now I'm just flowers.
  6. Need more chocolate! *dips Maureen into lovely dark chocolate* Hmmm... yummy treat!
  7. It is not just child AV's, but any AV that wants to be shorter than amazon.. The skins are truly one of the most important items to start with - so many have the hard shading on the chest for those with watermellons there, and on anything smaller you end up looking like you had a accident with the tanning spray. And while you are working on reducing proportion, the 'padding' or 'fat' setting is very important to gently adjust so that you can remove most of the sharp edges that happen as you reduce the mesh. Of course you end up learning alot about editing prims so that you look proper
  8. I tried plurk, and twitter, but other than using them as a way to book mark fav shopping places in world, they wanted me to think before typing... and I'm not good about that.
  9. One more item. put --purge on the command line, and then try starting. That will clear cache and inventory cache. If that does not work, then there is a excellent chance that you will need to open a ticket with LL, and ask them to change you to the Default Test Female AV. Also, you can try to download this: http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/ - and let it test your video/graphics.
  10. Doris.Haller wrote: Braden.Tedeschi schrieb: Is it bad FPS (frames per second), textures not appearing, you cannot move? FPS are ok. Everything is grey. I move like I walk thru a swamp. And I only have bad sex in SL. All the traffic-light lamps in this neat lag-o-meter are green, there is no packet loss.. SNAFU. I'm in SL for how many years.. 3? I always been told that lag is caused by my network connection, my graphic card, my cache. I cleaned my cache so many times my hard disk gets thin where the cache is stored. If you'd tell me I would have to stand up while playing to get
  11. Charlene.Brentley wrote: The blue screen only comes up on my SL window not my computer. Everything else runs ok on laptop just not SL so im not sure if its my hardware. All my graphix down as low as they can go. I'm a heavy SL user so i'm worried i've burnt it out http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Client_parameters Go there, see how to add the --safe command line to the start up. See if that will get you logged in. If so, remove all clothes and attachments, and change to a different skin. Log out, then log back in without the --safe mode. See if it works. If it does work, then one
  12. I have a very large inventory, and have very little problems. But to make sure, I used my combat alt that has almost no inventory. Me: Inventory count 78k Combat Alt: Inventory count 1k Sim Crossings, both sims healthy. Same time to cross border, which is less than a second. Teleports - under 10 seconds. Now, some issues come into play with both those when I am wearing an item with Mono scripts, a large number of scripts, or scripted Sculpty items. In those cases, both sim crossings and teleprots are heavily affected. Busy sim, or teleporting to a busy sim. Make sure your Lan
  13. That is the Linden Lab number - call them, they will ask you some verification questions to unlock your account. If you get the password wrong too many times, the account is locked until you verify and reset the password through the phone call.
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