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  1. its a suggestion matter too, a new skeleton is needed in SL 2019 nowadays
  2. hello guys are there any reasons why there are no new bones for shoulders ? the missing deltoid muscle and drooping shoulders of female linden shapes are a pain for mesh avatars, limit of weight and rigging for few standard bones of LL skeleton. After Bento revolution for face and hands, why not more bones for shoulders and other parts of LL skeleton? Linden Lab, please add more bones for body !
  3. I wish ask help on mesh body shoulders, there is a way to keep shoulders high and broader for female rigged mesh bodies ? the Linden standard body has low shoulders ( ugly to see ).
  4. hello, I am searhing someone that can make the outfit ( mersh or standard prim-flexi ) worn by character Riannon in Tears of Tiara cheeers
  5. no mod no party and barerose outfits are nice but I wish more close to game references, no ripping but hand-made adaptions, the Tactics Ogre game outfits are so amazing, no shallow fantasy clothing...
  6. hello I I would like to make a cosplay costume, I ask help and suggestions ! here the picture reference
  7. I'm wondering if its possible an anime mesh head with style of "Psycho Pass" Akane Tsunemori, M3 and Venus and other anime head havent the strange looking of eyes that are the special trait of character :)
  8. can I ask if there are hairs ( mesh is better ) like Yukari Takeba hairs ? tnx you ! :)
  9. Yes however i have seen in japan that proportions and height of young japanese girls is quite different by western cojnterpart again. Yes japanese diet is poor of fruit and meat like western diet but western diet is becoming slowly common in japan too. Maybe the next generations will have western proportions or like chineses and koreans.
  10. In Japan the medium lenght of legs in proportion with torso is different by western type again, its not malnutrition but genetic difference. Sl shape slides not get realistic proportions for race as well,when i try to modify torso and legs,the height is modifidied in same time for all parts and no indipendent way for legs only. Oh yes same slide more needs to customize shoulders and hips that mesh bodies get natural looking for now only.
  11. The LL shape not permit to short the legs withouth modify lenght snd proportions of all shape. I tryed to create a realistic japanese shape but I have issues on legs ongact. The japanese body has short leg but high torace, in sl when you reduce lenght of legs, the LL shape reduce own full height. The result is legs sgort but shotg torace too and short height when you want legs more short but same torace not modifidied to emulate properly the proportions legs-hips-bottom of japanese common body.
  12. I have Firestorm 4.6.1 , before i never had this issue...
  13. mesh camels and shirts have this strange graphic issue never found before, what is that?
  14. ally no, mesh heads in this style not exists and flexy hairs are very early type, often tail is more up and down hars are curly..
  15. nausicaa Dinzeo


    where I can take hairstyle like in pictures ? many tail hairs in sl have hairs on front and I'm tryng tail hairs with side bangs ( withouth bang on front ) It's possible?
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