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  1. for me so stupid . not much ppl no know how make script but is happy to make is stuff and sold it so me i i buy it to help ppl make is stuff and me i wear it bc i like it .how can explore if you be ejected from this board hmmm i be like 3 time in 3 sim . anyways i says what i have to says this thing stupide boards stupide build

    and is not me going grifer all the sime . someone goin do it not me . me i think is all that stupide thing be happen in sl bad ppl be anger do bad thing yaaay injoy sl woow . yes i will decide what i want in sl if i injoy bc sl is 3d game and chat . and i use my rl money to pay stuff . bye for now and i will fight for this board not exist that all

  2. that be inoying if all sim have this board . well me i have avatar hair with script shoes with script hum or more thing

    ao overide . well you have some warning told yeah to take off your obj . oki but why all to be naked why to take off hair or ao

    and more . if you can not injoy your stuff you have on you well boom you be ejected . if we realy need that board in sl

    for me no bc all you have on you ao overide hair is stuff you buy it to wear it . not be naked and walk like a zombie stick avatar . what i be wear it on me is hair collar ao overide wing . for enter in  the sim i have take off my hair script my collar script and  be in sim so close be nake . i talk about that bc come very anoying . and i be fight with the owner says is my fuking avatar and talk very bad at me and rud .

    i don want this board in sl wee realy no need this. i want that thing be not exsite form banned it this board

    fight for be free and have fun in sl and see ppl to talk


  3. Ok i can't not understand it . Why ppl talk be hind your back . i be friend whit someone friendly well now i know she talk behind my back but i never report for this bc no need. well i be sad i talk to some one freind but is friend to her now she know i be talk who she is . she take my chat in private and past to local chat to is friend . i told it to friend who she did to me

    so is friend told it bc i talk frome here . i can't truse no one . for talk my probleme . so she know i talk she report me .

    sight . i have all true in not cards but i don't use it i keep it bc she report me., i want give it to linden so if i be report now

    todays 2011/4/7 she did with other friend . private chat .she juste posted in local chat again to all is friend . i got is name i told it your friend past your private chat in local chat  . i told it bc she did to me . so i got is im she want report me .

    ok explain me why i be report if i talk to someone . my private chat frome the same persone copie and paste to local chat if is the true she scary to lose is friend so she report me . and i be help someone if she want the private to well ther my question i be report for 2 time i think . i did nothing bad that i can says . so help me please explain me

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