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  1. An aquaintance of mine accidently de-rendered me a few weeks ago and his Pheonix viewer still has me being derendered! He hasn't "seen" me in weeks now and we still can't figure out how to fix it. I went ot the assest black list, but that didn't work. Any other ideas? Since we only meet at a club we both go to, so it is not like we are always around each other, so the tpo away and back again is not working.
  2. This is me trying to take a nap while waiting on my mate to get inworld. *LOL*
  3. I use to be a nomine girl myself til I found {T&T} Design. I have the LEA skin in pale, golden brown and blue now. *laughs* Since I run around as an elfling nowdays, the skins even come with ears included, which makes life so much easier! The creator even made prim feet to match the skins which is awesome since my elfling tends to hand out at the beach and I HATE LL feets.
  4. I have had an issue in the past where my avatar was dating a male avatar only to find out later on it was a RL female playing the character. Sad part of it was, the player of the male avatar had misrepresented themselves, even so far as to send pictures of their RL husband, claiming it was them in RL. I was led to believe in was a RL male playing a SL male and fell in love....only to find out later on it was a woman in RL and it hurt...ALOT. Even after finding out the truth, I tried to stay friends with the person, but there are just some things you can't forgive when your heart has been hurt. Is is abuse to play the oppsitie gender of what you are in RL in SL? No. Is it fair to misrepresent yourself and hurt someone's feelings? Hell no.
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