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  1. Tinies are not very easy to find if you don't know what to look for. SecondLife classify us as children. I am a tiny in sl and am 47 in real life and many more of us are even older then that. Enclosed is page 1 of 2 on a project I did in real life for a Graphic Design school project about my SecondLife, my tiny life. Page 2 of 2 has relatively old history and information about Tiny Sims.
  2. Not for ipod, I has no idea. but I've heard that Luminy is a sl viewer that allows you to see into sl. But it is availible for android only.
  3. so do you mean that it is the best if we don't upload any physics at all?
  4. Or you can ask any tiny inworld. I happen to have a list inworld of tiny shopping places, comunity, and clubs. I've been a part of the tiny conmunity for 3 years now, and we're getting close to our party season which means, we'll be having back-to-back party. Wootmas (Christmas) is comming up and we'll be having sekret (secret) santa event where we draw a name from a hat and make stuff for the person if your a buider. Contact me SuperGirl1970 Carver inworld and I send you the list.
  5. that article is ludicrious, when first sign onto sl, I was a biggie. and a biggie took advantage of me being new to sl by showing me what a sex pose ball was. Anyhow that is not the reason why I am posting this. Tinies don't expect biggies to be tinies. I chose to be a tiny and I don't expect others to be a tiny. Many tinies are shape shifter. The tiny society is based on being friendly, neighborly, and having fun; not to mention having the sense that you should be willing to help those in need. Many of us are builders, scripters, and filmers such chaffro shoemaker. I on the other hand build to make clothing. But we hate drama and sadly to say that has crept itself into the world of tinies according to my belief. The tinies has also sponsor many events and fund raising such things as the recent one we had to raise money for two zoo animals and the breast cancer awarness or even the "paws4life" to help fellow tinies who can't afford rl medications. Tinies society is about being neighborly and having fun. I'm neither ashamed being a tiny or revealing my rl name. The tinies of my society I chose to be with are all my family. As one tinies say and I quote her " You can be alone in the tiny community but you wont ever be lonely." and this is my exact feeling about being a tiny. We do not force people to be a tiny. We are here in sl to have fun. I am here in sl to satisfy a real life need that is unsatisfyable, which is to create and make things.
  6. I can log into sl but then I get logged out. I've tried loggin in with my alt account and found that I am able to stay inworld longer then my original account. so far I know it's not the viewer or my internet connection but sl message tells me it's a problem with the inworld land or my internet. Even when I log in on an empty land, same thing happens.
  7. having problem log in into secondlife, after that the system logs me out. I got messages that region maybe experiencing problem or internet. the third time trying signing in.
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